Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Just a quick note to the millions and millions of fans out there ....

This little blog is not shutting down. Sorry.

It's just ... taking a breather.

No, we won't stop posting here. But we're probably going to do less of the "chore" posts.

I'm talking about the morning blog roundups. And Headline News.

Recently ... actually, for some time ... doing both of those items has been a chore. Well, most of the time. Oh, sure, sometimes it's fun. When I'm not rushed. But, when I'm rushed -- and that seems to be most of the time -- it either gets done half-assed ... or it doesn't get done.

When it doesn't get done, I feel bad. When it gets half-assed done, I feel bad. After all, you don't deserve a half-ass version. You deserve the whole-assed version, right?

Anyway, for the time being, this little blog will reduce posting. Maybe what's going on around here ... or not. Maybe Headlines ... or not. And maybe Blogrolling ... or not.

But I bet there'll still be writeups about the Catfish and the Biscuits. Happy happy joy joy.


  1. That's why I've modified my Specials of the Day. Sure I was only putting up 3, but even that was taking up more time than I wanted to take away from hubby.

    So I changed it so I muse about stuff, and I find its much easier. As I hear about stuff during the day, I throw an email to myself about it and maybe even during lunch put it together.

    And considering how much do blogging wise, I can see why your plate is full.

  2. The whole assed version is desired, more than the half assed... and especially the ass holed versions.

    When blogging becomes something that you need to do, all of the fun is gone.

  3. You're an excellent writer. The headlines are great but more writing. Your blog is excellent

  4. You're an excellent writer. The headlines are great but more writing is appreciated. You have to manage your time and do the things you need to do. Your blog is excellent and the changes are fine

  5. no, i think i deserve a whole ass, especially seeing as how it is my birthday and all. lol, or whatever you think is appropriate.

  6. I guess that being banned in Red China finally got to you - huh? Seriously, cut back on the blogroll and the headline news if you have too, but keep blogging as much as you can. I found your blog via Don Surber's (we were stationed at Ft. Stewart together). I enjoy your writing style and I've even learned a few things about computers and the Columbus Catfish (dude, can you say obsession - LOL!). By the way, why would you eat at Burger King? Have they closed all of the Krystals in your neck of the woods?

  7. Jim: No, there are still some Krystals around. But BK has the wifi hotspot.


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