Monday, May 21, 2007

Tick ... Tick ... Pause

Tonight, the Columbus Catfish open an 8-game home stand.

Tonight, 24 airs its season finale.

I'm going to the Catfish game. TiVo will watch 24 for me.

You see, I like baseball. A lot.

Oh, I like 24, too.

But I don't know how the baseball game will end.

Not that I know how 24 will end. But there are rumors.

When the season ends tonight, word is that Jack will be shocked by who it is that kidnaps him.

Some say it's Tony, returning from the grave, explaining that his death was part of a conspiracy with Christopher Henderson. And now he's recruiting Jack.

Some say it's former president Logan (alive after all; Martha only wounded him) inviting Jack to join him ... and Nina Myers (Jack killed her twin) ... in picking up where Phillip and Graem left off. [UPDATE: Spoiler sources say "no way" to this one]

Some say that Jack considers suicide outside the Heller estate.

Some say all this is full of crap.


Perhaps you'll find out tonight.

I'll find out later.

I love my TiVo.


  1. I hear a show down will happen between father and son on an oil platform and that next years "day" will be totally different, and location, than what we have had the last 6 "days". They have to do something, this season stunk to high heaven.

    Now, lets take bets on if you stay up and watch it off TiVo or wait .. (snicker).

  2. I might stay up and watch it ... if it wasn't a 2-hour episode.

    And, yeah, I hear the same thing about the family showdown on the oil platform ... with at least one family member not making it out alive. (All spoilers indicate the same thing, so I'm fairly certain it's how it's going down.) And that's the reason for the recruitment in one of the spoilers ... because of the demise of one of the family members.

    The Wife isn't going to the game. She's watching 24. But saving it on TiVo when it's done.

    I hope.


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