Monday, May 21, 2007

Alternate Ending To 24

Some people didn't like the way Season 6 of 24 ended.

Some wanted a more bang-up ending. Some wanted or expected a major surprise.

Instead, viewers got closure of just about every storyline. The only thing left unresolved was: what's Jack to do next? Go into hiding? Jump off the cliff? Eat a bullet? What?

They did the whole "Jack disappears" thing before, remember? He "died" at the end of Season 4 to escape the Chinese, but was brought out of hiding with the David Palmer killing.

They did the whole "Jack nearly breaks down" thing too. Remember when he was sitting in the SUV at the end of Season 3?

So fans expected something new and different from the writers of 24.

Instead, they gave us closure.


For those that hated the ending to Season 6 of 24, we now present ....

Alternate Ending to 24

I've spent my whole life working for people like you!

What are you going to do, Jack? Kill me?

Take me to see Audrey!


Audrey, I love you. But I've got to leave you.

What's that noise?

It's the shower.

You! In the shower! Open the door ... slowly.

Good morning!

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