Sunday, May 20, 2007

Of Course It's My Fault

Saw the Simpsons. The one where Kent Brockman (the TV anchor) was fired for saying something naughty on the air.

And, according to the plotline, who was to blame?

Conservatives, of course.

After all, the current big thing is to fire or suspend on-air personalities that say "bad things." And who has been leading the charge in real life?

Conservatives, of course.

Oh, wait a second.

Don Imus ... and a slew of others that aren't quite as well know ... lose their jobs for things they say. And the left gets all up in arms and has them fired. And when the Simpsons has their "media police" episode, it's Ned Flanders, the religious guy, who has the media guy fired?

I'm starting to wonder if real life is actually a sitcom.

If so, I expect cancellation any day now.


  1. I loved the Fox News (damned liberals) Fox Network (woo hoo) channel surfing Homer did. All I can say is take two 1/2 Hrour News Hours and call me in the morning :)

  2. Yes, that scene was great. And 1/2 Hour News Hour is a TiVo regular. It's funny as heck.


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