Friday, May 11, 2007

Who Washed All The Homeless People?

Driving in downtown Columbus this morning, I noticed something odd.

The homeless seem to have had a bath.

Now, let me first say that I don't normally drive in Columbus after 9:00 AM. Or not in all areas.

I work in the downtown area, as does the Wife, but our travels are usually limited to a few blocks, if that.

This morning, though, leaving the doctor's office, I was in the downtown area on a few blocks I don't normally visit. Not bad areas of town, no. But areas I don't normally visit during that time of day. After work, sure. But not during work hours.

But, today, I was sitting at a light, when a fellow crossed the street.

He was clean (like Paul's grandfather), as were his clothes. But he had "that look."

Sure, perhaps I'm stereotyping.

But he was talking to himself (or perhaps to the voices in his head), and he was pulling a microwave oven box.

Now, I'm not sure about you, but when I see a fellow walking across the street, pulling a cardbox box that once housed a microwave oven, and he's carrying on a converstation with no one, I'm thinking "homeless."

But he was clean. As were his clothes. Though his clothes didn't match. Not much goes with bright red socks, after all.

I thought it odd.

After I made my turn, I saw another person that fit pretty much the same description. Just no microwave oven box.

And then another.

It looks like someone washed all the homeless people. Or at least the ones I happened across.

Maybe it was release day at the jail.

But, they were near the little shopping center that has a gas station, a Subway, and a Taco Bell (across from a McDonald's) where the homeless will hang around.

Maybe the gas station just got the car wash fixed.

I'll be pondering this one a while.


  1. Maybe they did a quick walk through the car wash!

  2. Well let us know when you connect the dots and post the answer!


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