Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Foot Fetish

The Wife has a cat.

Or maybe the cat has her. I'm still not quite sure how that works.

And, despite my not liking cats in the house ... they're animals and belong outside ... the cat does come inside to eat. Since we do have a cat, it's our responsibility to take care of the cat. And if we feed her outside, other animals in the area will come and take her food. And if I kill one of those damn things, somebody'd get pissed at me. So ... for now ... the cat eats inside.

Only, it's turned into more than

  1. Bring the cat in to eat

  2. Actually feed the cat

  3. Put the cat out

Step number three is getting missed, somehow. Or at least, delayed.

Which means that when the cat comes in first thing in the morning to eat, often, the cat will still be in the house when I step out of the shower.

And I've noticed something about this cat.

She likes feet.

At least, freshly-washed feet.

I'll step out of the bathroom door and see the cat sitting there looking at the door.

She'll get up ... perhaps say a little "meow" ... and walk up, flick her tail, rub up against my leg, and sniff my foot. She'll then rub her nose against where my toes join my foot. Usually the second toe. She'll lick it a little. That toe and the big toe.

Then she'll go to the other foot, do about the same thing, then bite the big toe.

I don't remember cats doing this before. Of course, I didn't often shower outside. Which is where cats have always been around me.

So, I don't know if this is something that cats do. Or if it's something just this cat does.

I did step out of the shower the other day, got dressed except for my shoes -- I had left them in the living room -- and stepped out of the bedroom. The cat was there, looking at the door. She jumped up, ran forward, looked at my socks, then up and me, and walked away.

She didn't speak to me for a week.


  1. HA! That's what our cat would do to the husband when he got out of the shower and was trying to get dressed! Not sure if it's the soap or the feet! It was funny to watch. She still likes freshly shampooed hair, too.

    Face it, Basil, it's just your magnetic personalty! ;)

  2. It's the wet. We had a cat who would stand under one to get dripped on whilst one was toweling off. He also licked the water off the feet. The current male likes to jump in the tub after the shower. He adores it when the faucet is left running just a little bit. He sits by the side and sticks his paw in the stream of water to play with it. He also likes to groom the hair after it's dry. Certain shampoos are more enticing.

    Does your shampoo or soap contain mint? Some cats go crazy for mint as it is similar to catnip.

  3. The way you permanently handle this problem is to dog sit for somebody.

  4. when i lived there my cat Lennon would sit on the side of the tub and watch me take a shower. i guess it was kitty voyurism, or however you spell it. anywho it never bothered me, my pussy watching me take a shower, lol.

  5. A cat who likes feet? Gosh, I don't know any cats like that, really. Completely beyond my experience.

    But just in case, you might want to consider not using the organic soap that smells like protein.

  6. I hope you aren't allergic to puddy tats, Basil. 8)


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