Monday, May 21, 2007

Alternate Ending To 24, Version 3

Like we said before, not everyone was happy with the ending of this season of 24.

Some people wanted a major twist. Others wanted something new and different.

What they got was closure to just about every storyline. It was sort of a cross between "Jack disappears" (Season 4 ending) and the "Jack breaks down" (Season 3 ending).

So no big surprises ... and nothing really new.

So, we offered an alternate ending.

Only, it seems that's been done.

So, we offered another version.

Turns out that's been done, too.

So, let's try one last time. Here it is ...

Alternate Ending To 24, Version 3

I've spent my whole life working for people like you!

What are you going to do, Jack? Kill me?

Take me to see Audrey!


Audrey, I love you. But I've got to leave you.

Jack, everything's shaking ... and it's snowing.

Remember son, be careful with that... I don't understand this autism. I talk to my boy, but... I'm not even sure if he ever hears me... Tommy's locked inside his own world. Staring at that toy all day long. What does he think about?


Come on, son, let's wash our hands.

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  1. I guess Milo's "brother" is going to reappear in the next season?


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