Saturday, February 5, 2005

I Knew Something Was Up!

I noticed a trend recently. Lots of people have been experiencing problems with Internet connectivity. Harvey from the Alliance was the latest victim, and he suspects Evil Glenn Reynolds™ is behind it. That may be so. There's definitely a pattern.
What do they all have in common? They are all female. Um. Except Harvey. Unless he has a secret he's not telling us.

They are all members of the Alliance of Free Blogs. Is this Evil Glenn's™ revenge for our opposition to his Lordship over the Blogosphere? I don't know. Perhaps the Alliance will make research into this phenomenon an Assignment. With that crack team (or crack-smoking team, based on some of what I've read) in pursuit of the truth, the answer would be known.

So, Harvey? Is that an upcoming assignment? Hmm? Is it, sir? ... Or should I say "ma'am?"

UPDATE: Right after posting this, I lost Internet connectivity. It's (obviously) back up now, but I'm wondering if I am the latest victim of Evil Glenn's™ plan? And, Harvey, I take it back. At least, that's the story I'm sticking to.

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  1. After reading this, I noticed a sudden drop in my computer connection as well. I figured that it had to be Reynolds in that I'm applying for membership into the Alliance.

    Then...I realized I had merely unplugged by computer without the battery pack remaining in. Damn. But I'll keep a look out for any fishy activity.

  2. Late PGH

    Statesman of The Dead Patriot's Society got the scoop on Michael Moore's next film. The short version is: "Bowling for a Thermometer that can Reach 911 Degrees Fahrenheit", "will attack the conservative right and the Bush administration for the fact

  3. um, actually, I'm not an alliance member, RTO is, but i'm not smirt enough to figure that thing out yet. ;D

  4. maggie:
    That Evil Glenn Reynolds!! He's still being mean to non-Alliance members. Rest assured, the Alliance is on the job. You shall be avenged!


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