Saturday, February 5, 2005

Saturday Brunch: Buffet

For your weekend dining pleasure, we offer you to choose from one of these specialties:

We also have several other items listed on the menu. The Headlines are a popular choice. Current posts are on the front page.


  1. Thank you, sir!

    (UPDATE - Welcome, visitors from basil's blog! Please feel free to look around and make yourself comefortable. Thank you, basil, for linking to me, and you might want also to see this post, even if I'm not nearly as funny

  2. *sigh* Of course, I still can't spell, but I'm working on it ("comfortable," not "comefortable" LOL)

    Thanks again, basil, for the linky luv, and I think you probably have the best sense of humor on the web!

    What do you think is happening over at the Alliance? Is Evil Glenn really destroying the Internet???

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on that Alliance post.

  4. LOL, you're very welcome!


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