Thursday, February 3, 2005

Somebody Smart Help Me Out Here

I got the feeling I'm doing something wrong. Morally wrong. And some of you smart people can set me on the straight and narrow.

What's got me all confused is The TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem rankings. As of this morning, I'm number 332. [To see where I am right now, click here.]

Position 332. Me! That's above mountaineer musings, baldilocks, The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles, Confederate Yankee, Jim Treacher, Hey, Relax....I'm just Sayin', and lots and lots of others. Stay with me now. I'm not bragging. I'm calling attention to something that's wrong. If you have been to those sites I listed, you'd know that there is no way I should be ranked above them in any way whatsoever.That means there is a flaw in the rankings.

As I understand it, the Ecosystem reads links on the front page of Web sites to other Web sites. Then totals them up and ranks them. This counts BlogRolls. Here's where something bothers me. Let's say I'm on the Alliance BlogRoll (I am). Let's say I'm on the Homespun Bloggers BlogRoll (I now am). And let's say Goober's Blog (not to be confused with the Goober Queen) is also a member of both. Does TTLB count that at 2 links for me? I'm thinking that, at most, one BlogRoll link should be all that's counted. But, that may not be possible. Still, I can join a bunch of BlogRolls and move up in the Ecosystem. That doesn't seem right.

Likewise, I'll post little link-dumps listing stuff I saw that day that was interesting or funny or something. I'll also send TrackBacks to the posts I link. Is that a breach of etiquette? Should I only send them if I'm writing a full post and not a little "go read this" kind of thing? I'd really like to know your thoughts.

I expect if anyone replies, it will be "you shouldn't link unless it's the topic of a full post," while others might say "It's how InstaPundit stays number one." Honestly, I don't know. I want to be a good neighbor on the Web to all the other blogs. Yes, you too, Wonkette. Anyway, like I was saying, some of you know a lot more about this. What should I do?

Now, before anyone says anything, I am aware that this ranking is not based upon traffic to a site. All of those I listed get a lot -- and I mean a lot -- more traffic than this one. So, it's possible, I guess, to be ranked number 1 and have only a few visitors.

However, in terms of average visits per day (not page views, but visits), I'm not even listed in TTLB Weblogs By Average Daily Traffic. I don't know why. Maybe I'm too new. Still, based on Site Meter stats of average visits per day, I think I'd fall about number 1042. And that's not bad. And, for that, I thank you.


  1. Yuppers -- it's all about links. So every one of those Blogrolls gets you dozens and dozens of links and then you move up, whether or not anyone actually SEES your page.

    So go ahead and linky-linky. Why not? Link to everyone all the time, with plenty of "read this" posts. Those who you link to will appreciate it.

  2. As of this moment, my blog ranks #331! So there! :)
    ( link )

    Thanks to Homespun Bloggers and Blogs for Bush.

    Based on traffic though, I'd rank about 3600.

  3. Ogre:
    If I move up high enough, I could change my tagline to:
    "The most popular blog nobody reads." I like that.

    I have you in my sights! Watch your back.

  4. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 3, 2005 at 2:21 AM

    I don't know nothin' 'bout no links. I'm reading your blog daily...sometimes several times a day...but then, sisters are like that, yes, they are...

  5. So you're saying, if the parental units had provided more siblings, I'd be higher up the blog foodchain?

  6. Unique links (1 per site) count for more

  7. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 3, 2005 at 3:06 AM

    I said what I said. You were meant to infer that I am a fan. Yes, I am your sister, and that might make me a bit biased in your favor, but your dissing me counteracts that. Still, I come back for more. Perhaps it is because your site is worth it? The more you link, the more people find this site. It has more interesting things to enjoy or ponder than many other sites out there, and through this blog, I have discovered many other sites that are entertaining also. I am sure they are grateful for the publicity, too. I have shared your site verbally with many friends, so although I know nothing about links, I am spreading the word. Now, basil, quit begging for compliments and simply accept the fact that your blog is interesting and people are becoming aware of that.

  8. Ouch! Now I'm begging for compliments?

    You've given me tomorrow's topic.

  9. Basil,

    It does indeed go by link, not hit count for your rankings. You've got 349 inbound links. I've got 263 inbound links. That is simply how the math works, and nothing to feel strange about.

    Maybe the rest of us should just join more blog alliances.

    As for the link-dumps and trackback, I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I don't mind. Quite frankly, I'm just honored to be thougth worthy of linking, and any serious mention of something I've posted, positive or negative, is worthy.

    The only time I get bothered is when someone places a false trackback (links to your post in the trackback, but doesn't mention your post on their site).

  10. Basil,
    if you have the links, you have the links.
    What's the big deal.
    Personally, when I switched to my new site, I didn't join the Alliance of Free Blogs. It cost me a bunch of links - but who cares.

    It comes down to one question - WHY do you blog?

    I wrote about that once, hmmm. I'll try to find it and post it at RWD.

    You know where I am right :)

    BTW WHO is that in the baby pic?

  11. CY:
    I follow what you're saying. But it just looks odd to see this site listed at a numberical position higher than, say, your site, which has nearly 17 times the average daily visits of this site. True, N.Z. Bear shows separate listings of links and visits, but the links results seem to get the most visibility.

  12. RWD:
    I guess if I got off my duff I could search your site for it. But, if you are inspired to re-post it, or post an update to it, I eaglerly await.

  13. RWD:
    That picture? I'll provide a link in case anyone else cares: About this blog.


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