Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Tuesday Night Special: GI Joe

For your evening dining pleasure, we offer you to choose from one of these specialties:

We also have several other items listed on the menu. The Headlines are a popular choice. Current posts are on the front page.


  1. GI Joe Held Hostage!

    Have you heard about this? A web site reported that a U.S. soldier had been kidnapped and threatened with beheading. Turns out the "soldier" is GI Joe himself, and Big Media fell for it:The posting, on a Web site that frequently carries militants' ...

  2. Basil,

    I told you that two bottles of wine was to much, esp. since you were flying in the morning, I know the airline frown on you pilot types drinking and flying...

    but your always welcome at my table


  3. ok, ok, so it was me that drank the wine...
    I cant get a break anywhere...

    just thought I would stop back by...

  4. Hey, all's hazy from that night. I just hope no pictures surface to remind me of anything I don't want to know about. I still can't find my credit cards. And I have no idea where this tattoo came from.


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