Saturday, October 22, 2005

Frustrating Night

I cannot get my vote on Harriet Miers trackbacked to Truth Laid Bear. This is frustrating. Wait! My vote got through! But, it is frustrating being outnumbered 33-1. Sorta like being a Republican in Southern West Virginia. Not getting Typepad trackbacks to Basil is frustrating (and those who want to use this as a Midnight Snack or whatever, hey knock yourselves out. Just remember to link this post first. I get nothing out of it except the satisfaction of helping a fellow who helps us all out.

Oh yea, how I feel about Harriet Miers now is ... Go To My Web Site. I need traffic too.

UPDATE: I tried a Basil trackback from Haloscan. Sigh.


  1. Somehow, I just knew that since this was a conservative blog, it was also racist. Then I saw the permalink for this post and it solidified my opinion.


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