Friday, October 28, 2005

Star Wars Names

I keep forgetting to post this. You know how we "ran outa" hurricane names by naming every little rain cloud? (Gee, you don't think someone has an agenda, do you?) Well, down at Camp Katrina, SPC Phil Van Treuren, Legal Specialist, Ohio National Guard JAG Corps, and his buddies came up with some names of their own. Surprisingly, they are not obscene! They are Star Wars names ...

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Click the pick to get the names from Anakin to Vader and beyond! Cross posted at Don Surber.

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  1. Last time I checked, they don't name "every little rain cloud." You obviously have never endured a tropical storm on a ship... They are NOT "little rain clouds."

    They have specific criteria for assigning a storm "tropical storm" status.

    People pissing on scientists (and yes, meteorologists ARE scientists) gets old. Perhaps we scientists should stop doing this development that results in the Internet, the nice laptop you use, the supercomputers that help develop new medications, the technology that resulted in CAT scans and MRIs...

    Oh, you want to keep that stuff? Then how about a little RESPECT?

    Just because you choose to remain ignorant about a topic does not mean that someone has an AGENDA.

    Unless you are referring to yourself as having an agenda in your choice to remain ignorant, and like every ignorant person, throw rocks at things you don't understand.


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