Monday, October 31, 2005

Headline News: 10/31/2005

From ABC News:
Woody Allen Grateful for Wife Soon-Yi
Loves her like a daughter

From ABC News:
Woman Gets Donkey for Her 50th Birthday
Says her husband is such an ass

From ABC News:
More Britons Believe in Ghosts Than in God
Uncertain what to think about the Holy Ghost

From ABC News:
'Naked Photographer' Sentenced to Jail
Apologizes, says he never pictured serving time

From ABC News:
Methodists Defrock Lesbian Minister
Church criticized for letting the Bible get in the way of religion

From ABC News:
Phila. Starts Week With Transit Strike
Drop in service negligible

From ABC News:
Conservative Anglicans Rap Liberal Faction
Threaten to 'bust a cap in their ass'

From ABC News:
Banned at the schoolhouse door: pint-size ghosts and goblins
Giant Sta-Puft Marshmellow Man not deterred

From ABC News:
Woman Turns Weekend Passion Into Profit
Heidi Fleiss tells all

From ABC News:
Pluto may have three moons, instead of one
Picked up from Neptune for Charon and a player to be named later


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