Thursday, October 27, 2005

Robo-assassin-guards not looking


  • Basil : I certainly understand being busy is he ever coming back?  His blog misses him!
  • Thursday : That means we need to Stop the ACLU: an interview with ADF President Alan Sears

  • NEWS:

  • Religion : School Board in  Hillsborough County, Florida cancel all "Religious Holidays" ... CAIR, still pro-terrorist
  • Iraq : Terrorists kill 3 more GIs
    ... and 4 wounded, prayers and condolences
  • Israel : "Palestinian" suicide bomber kills 5, wounds dozens 

    Sharon approves response 

    'Israeli Army enters Jenin' 

    The growing threat Israel faces
  • Baseball : Chicago White Sox have swept the Astros in 4 straight
    ... and I still don't care about baseball
  • Beta : Another tropical storm forming
    ... just to make the record harder to break in the future
  • Katrina : 'Subpoenas issued in Memorial Hospital deaths'   
  • Wilma : Jeb accepts blame for his constituents being stupid
    ... perhaps they should have BOUGHT FOOD AND WATER??
  • Amsterdam : Fire in airport kills 11
    ... they were illegal aliens awaiting deportation, and others escaped during chaos
  • NFL : Saints being relo'd to LA?
    ... it's not the Redskins, I don't care


  • Culture : "Nero fiddled while Rome burned, is that what we are doing ?"
    ... some sobering thoughts
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Nevermind - Miers withdraws! 

    FNC coverage here 

    More here
    ... "concerned that the nomination process presents a burden"

    Ogre was right 

    "Bush must heal the divide this nomination has created among the conservative base"
    Lessons learned? 

    B&E comments on the MSM's reporting (he might know a SCOTUS Justice!)
    WB has a lot more links & thoughts
    ... including some blathering from Dick Turban Durbin

    a WHOLE BUNCH of links
    ... one of which may surprise you

    "I am willing to accept that if it means they've learned their lesson about acting like Democrat" 

    "Michael Ludig would be an amazing Justice, as would Edith Brown Clement or my personal favorite, Priscilla Owen" 

    "Will Bush pick another dud or a real nominee this time?" 

    Frank J. threatens to punch people, if it helps 

    "This is a victory for anyone who cares about the direction of the court" 

    "Sooper sekret message to the White House - just say "no" to 'Berto!" 

    "The final straw: clear evidence of her liberalism, overlooked by a shoddy vetting process" 

    ... So, who is next at bat?  Your thoughts?
  • Islamofascism : NOfP rounds up thoughts on the 2000 murdered Americans
    ... each a hero, every single loss is tragic, how the left makes a mockery of their sacrifice
    Some video the MSM won't show you
    ... and, for comparison, an example of what they do show

    Live by the sword, die by the Coalition Forces
    ... Nashwan Mijhim Muslet (aka Abu Tayir or Abu Zaid) killed dead

    You can sue traitors!
    ... yet another way to fight terrorism :) ... thanks to TMH for the tip!

    "The World without Zionism"
    ... "attended by suicide bomber wannabes, homicidal maniacs and future Hitlerian imitations"

    'Multinational force spokesman: media being manipulated by terrorists'
    ... um, duh?

    Don't any one of the 2000, like USMC Captain Ryan A. Beaupre
    ... read his letter home, and remember

    More on the jubilation on the left over the 2000 dead heroes 

    Iraq bodes well for the wave of democracy
    ... dictators be damned 
  • Plamegate : Missing the point - Iraq's quest for Uranium 

    Indictments may be a win for Conservatives? 

    Predicting no indictments?   
  • UselessNations : UN to finally publish list of those participating Oil for Food fort Bribes
    ... I wonder if Kofi/Kojo will listed?

    Galloway's wife received Oil for Food bribes, MSM ignores it   
  • RFID : In your passport, in 2 months!
  • AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'ACLU vs America'   
  • MSM : Round up on Condigate, USA Today's latest photoshop adventure
    Which they have since corrected
  • Disasters : Katrina, etc. raises questions as to our resiliency 

    Infrastructure failures   
  • Crawfordstock : 'Cindy "What's her name?" Gets arrested and no one cares'   
  • Computing : Usability, still AWOL 

    'What would Microsoft do if Google invented an OS?'
    ... WWMD?  I am guessing change their underwear would be #1

    VMWorld 2005 

    Spotting, stopping stolen software
    ... no warez for you!

    Review of Lenovo X41, tablets in general, and WinXP Tablet Edition 

    Visual Studio rots the mind? 

    Fighting Linux FUD with Humor
    ... "The biggest obstacle is fear"

    Digital Ink getting closer
    New Zealand govt going "all open source"
    VMWare's free player raises pressure on MS   
  • Internet : Building ID systems 

    Web defacer being deported
    ... yeah, but don't they have The Internet in his home country?

    This retarded site has made $.5M in the last 1-2 months
    ... I hate his idea (Yes - jealous), and am boycotting his supporters
    1 mile WiFi (802.11b)
    ... for $50! ... make that 802.11G and I am so wanting that!

    Thoughts on the RIAA's fighting of 'piracy'
    ... "Their refusal to adapt to new technology, and to create new and innovative ways to profit from it, is doomed to fail"
    Web users cutting back?
    ... that's alright, I'll pick up their slack :P

    VOIP wiretapping back in court 

    The real threat to Vonage, and it isn't cable    
  • Gaming : StarCraft, WoW for XBOX360?
    ... oh hell yeah!
  • Right : Coburn, right-bloggers talk porkbusting   
  • Racism : Thoughts on the many failures that led up to Rosa Parks' victory
    ... "Rice and Colin Powell stand on the shoulders of Rosa Parks"
  • Health :  Schizophrenics better at discerning illusions
    ... +4 to saves vs Illusion?  Fault/Feat tradeoff?

    Geeks' Guide to Working Out
    'Slacker or sick', RSI making good employees look bad?
    ... boy, do my wrists hurt all day, every day ... damned cytokines

    They've mapped the diff of our genes? 

    Bone Marrow donors subject to DNA-identification mixup
    ... I smell a CSI episode coming!
  • Volcano : Galapagos Islands' Sierra Negra volcano continues erupting   
  • Halloween : And religion; I had never heard of Jack Chick   
  • Misc : Soling a 20x20 Rubic's Cube 

    Fractal cabbage 

    Old undeveloped film, photos unseen - until now'ish
    ... for some reason this makes me sad
  • Homosexuality : Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court Pro-Sodomy ruling was setup
    ... "reverse entrapment"
  • Celebrity(ies)  : 14 things you don't know about Billie Gates 

    Couric feels your pain
    ... but she will have $65M to comfort herself with

    Prince Harry forced to drop trow   
  • TV : "Destroy All Humans" becoming animated series on Fox
    ... 11 episodes, canceled, moved, movie deal ... right?

    PuppyBlender questions the logic of subsidizing TV
    ... while technology blows past Congress 
  • Sick : Arby's employee spits in State Trooper's sandwich
    ... glad I am not a State Trooper!

  • FUNNY:

  • SCOTUS/Miers  : 'Miers withdraws to 'Spend more time with humans'' 

    W to nominate Reid's second choice 

    Miers grilled over "plans to spend more time with family" 

    A (cough) real glimpse behind the scenes
    "Who is this "Harry Etmyers" that everyone keeps talking about?" 

    'Bush to nominate next person who walks through door' 

    President's Intern knows why she withdrew
    Frank J. has a different answer
  • Movies : IMAO casting
    ... WRT the first comment, that is just uncalled for! 
  • Video : Yoda dances!
    ... easter egg in the RotS DVD
  • Baseball : Caption the man-kissing   
  • RVB : Did I mention #65 is available?   
  • Crawfordstock : Sheehan celebrates 2000 supporters
    ... by playing dead, getting arrested

    'Dead hippies! Yay! ... Aw, they're just faking it'   
  • UF Geek dating ...   
  • UselessNations : Debating the meaning of "Wipe Israel from map" 

    'Police find 100,000 barrels of oil in George Galloway’s spare bedroom'   
  • Relationships : Marriage in a Nutshell   
  • "Global Warming" : Ice cap thickens, enrages environmentalists
    ... "By the year 4500, we could see a dramatic rise in ocean levels"
  • Dilbert : Introducing the Specter of Unpaid Overtime
    ... hey, I know that guy VERY well!
  • Illusion : Pink, green or no dots
    ... except for schizoids, apparently (see "Health :" above :) )
  • Racism : Caption Prussian Blue, aka - the Nazi Olsen twins   
  • MSM : CBS puts Sports in charge of News 

    USA Today issues correction, (cough) posts real Condi pic   
  • Plamegate : 'Army Corps of Engineers repairing massive leak in Cheney'   
  • Coffee : Real men don't drink decaf lattes   
  • ALP : #150
    ... Jesus is moving out
  • Parenting 101 : Caption the Child Abuse   
  • Gaming : Civilization Anonymous   
  • Flash : Zombie Romp
    ... first try = 42732
  • Life Lessons : You learned them HOW??
    ... "It's best not to think how you got into your situation, but how you are going to get out of it"


  • "Global Test" :
    It is ironic that our founding fathers wanted to
    free ourselves from European Imperialism
    but modern constitutional scholars believe that
    we are in fact subject to their whims.
    --thanks JCB! (received via email)

  • W :
    Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes
    by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in an accident"
    "OH DEAR GOD NO!!!" George W. Bush exclaims. "That's terrible!!"  His
    staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the
    president sits, head in hands. Finally, the President, devastated, looks
    up and asks..........  "How many is a Brazillion??!"
    --thanks Bash! 


    Yes, GOP ain't perfect, but ...
    Day by Day


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