Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Trackback Link Festival

OK, regulars know the rules. Basil's not here to tell me NOT to do it, so let us DO IT! You got a Miers post? Link it!

Go on. You wanna. Do it.

(If you don't know the rules Go here)


  1. Miers Withdraws. Happy?

    Not as happy as Basil will be when I tell him links are back up

  2. Our KS Sen. Brownback says to Whitehouse: Good Move!
    Okay, so this wasn't a link to my blog, but it's a comment on Miers. lgp

  3. Miers Withdraws!!!

    As predicted Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination this morning. Her nomination was going no where and she was hurting President Bush. For the good of the President, herself and the country she graciously withdrew her name as a Supreme Court Justice....

  4. Harriet Miers Withdraws

    Says it was the documents issue.

    Maybe we can all get over this and come together for the next nominee.

    In a letter to Bush released by the White House, Miers said she was concerned that the Senate confirmation process "presents a burden for th...

  5. Miers Withdrawal Reaction Open Trackbacks

    A sigh of relief seems to describe it well. Ill make just a few notes here. I hope the next nominee can reunite the conservative base, which was divided over this. Before people start blaming the conservative base, or taking credit, keep in ...

  6. Bye bye, Harriet

    Miers? 1993 speech was very troubling to anyone wanting an originalist or strict constructionist nominee. Or, for that matter, anyone wanting a nominee who can express herself clearly and intelligently. It lowered my opinion of her significantly.

  7. My humble apologies for the multiple trackbacks from Combs Spouts Off. I kept getting "failed ping" responses and stupidly kept trying instead of coming back here to check.


  8. What method do you use with blog-city? Is it built-in to your blogging software? Or is it similar to the Wizband and Kalsey forms?

  9. Another day in the neighborhood

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Stop the ACLU Thursday (and did you hear about the Blogger + HaloScan inline trackbacks?)

  10. Miers Wins By Withdrawing

    Had the nomination gone through, the naysayers, myself included, may have been proven wrong, but given the information available to us, we were well within our rights to raise the questions.


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