Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quick Posts

Basil must have really peed in Typepad's tapioca because I could not get on all night!

Does this make it worth the wait?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How'd that Stray Cats song go? Sexy and 17?

I got the story right here.

Then there is the entire state of Maryland. Its alleged men are a bunch of wimps hiding behind the skirts of a little girl! Ooh, save us. I got the story here.


  1. Click the purple part. She is gorgeous

  2. ... I had similar issues, that is my excuse for not cross-posting last night. I have no excuse for Monday.

    Maybe tonight I can slip past the robo-assassin-guards again for a post ... we'll see.

  3. Kickin Balls Through the Uprights

    Wanting to preserve what I thought was a clever title I thought of an excuse to post this...

  4. Click the purple part? Is that some sick blogging code for something perverted? Naaa, of course not, we're all mature adults here! ...purple part eh, you may want to get that checked out!


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