Tuesday, October 18, 2005


  • BASIL : He's not looking, so I am sneaking in with a quick crosspost
    ... ok, so he actually invited me over, but not in a gay way.  Not
    that there would be anything wrong with that.  Or something.
    Anyway, submitted for your viewing pleasure ... oh, and let me
    apologize in advance - Basil is WAY funnier than me, Sorry.   

  • Kerry : We like to take a brief moment every Tuesday and ponder the mystery of Kerry and his AWOL/incomplete 180
    ... and Kerry being sued ... "French-looking minor senator" - HA!

  • NEWS :

  • Iraq : Constitution ballots being questioned, reviewed
    ... in spite of the sandstorm, and condolences for the USMC GIs killed on Monday
        Arabic Interpreter "FNU LNU" had "high-level" clearance and "fraudulently accessed classified information" 
  • Wilma : Expected to become a Cat 1-2, hit Florida ... She is now a Cat2   

  • Avian Flu : Say "Hi" to Greece ... verification under way
    A little reminder of how serious this issue is! ... or maybe not?   

  • Maryland : Unspecified threats in Baltimore close, restrict tunnel traffic ... developing 
  • Economics : US producer prices = biggest gain in more than 15 years
    ... energy costs to blame, mostly
  • Govt : US Congress freezes pay raises this year
    ... how damned gracious of them (cough), saving $2M and all

    Pork busting is not the answer to our federal financial problems   


  • SCOTUS / Miers : More brouhaha ... religion, privacy, abortion ... publicity drive
  • Illegal Immigration : W to push for Border Security, guest worker
    ... first part good, second part not so much

    Aztlan being taken over?   
  • Euthanasia : Raven, on "mercy" killings ... emphasis on the word killing
    ... And more on the New Orleans' Memorial Medical Center   
  • Computing : MadTech reviews Windows Vista ... build 5231, and a link to a torrent for it
      Return Before Investment, thanks to on-demand applications ... RBI > ROI
    Download the Unofficial WinXPsp3 ... "Hotfix preview pack" (sans IE7)
    "Rich Clients" (not dumb, thin ones) will always rule
    'Three reasons why Internet-based applications are a bad idea'
    Hollywood getting greedier yet ... wants cut from video iPod
    What you need to know about the video iPod
    Wanna beta test MS products?
    How To : Roll your own Win* Tools CD ... getting a little outdated, but still good if you don't have something like this!
    Deal : Dell LCDs $300(19")-$800(24") ... today only!   
  • Internet : Web 2.0, and the flip ... keep the money, ideas flowing!
    The Register presents : Google Earth vs Western Civilization ... all your black helicopter photos are belong to them
    MS presents Virtual WiFi ... multilink 802.11! ... very early / test release
    Google updates their Privacy Policy ... Yea! More ads ... or something
    VeriSign buys Moreover for $30M, cash ... Weblog power play trifecta? 
  • Gaming : XBOX360 Viral Marketing, something to be announced @ 3pm today?
    Atari 2600 games auctioned off for $1800+! ... "Pepsi Invaders"
    Nintendo + DS + McDonald's = free WiFi   
  • InfoSec : Worm downs MySPace ... "the web application is an integral part of the exploit"
  • Left : 'Mired in liberalism'   
  • UselessNations : IP (finally!) loses respect!   
  • "Global Warming" : ... means less rain
    A look at some myths   
  • Health : Hacking sleep is dumb
    Anti-fat vaccine to become standard issue?   
  • Energy : Water as fuel, since the 1800s?   
  • Nature : Sea Lilies run away
    The origin of photosynthesis  ... "Hatena"   
  • Space : "Life's building blocks" are abundant out there ... just add nitrogen
    When black holes are hungry
    Thoughts on the "why" of China's "race" to space
    Andromeda can take a hit ... actually, it already did, and has the scar to prove it
    (but you should see the other guy!)   
  • Bloggers : Latest Watcher's Council is out! ... featuring TWAers Rick (SCOTUS/Miers) and TMH (ID)
    A day in the life of blogging! ... sad but true, found via B&E
    How To : 'Gooder Writing' 

    Basil has a message for TypePad ... their trackbacks are PWN3D 

  • FUNNY :

  • Left : The left are not moonbats, they are undead ... (true'ish!)
  • RVB : #64 is out! ... Shizno!
  • Halloween : Worst costumes ever ... "Vlad the HIV Positive Vampire"
  • Undead : Pittsburgh is NOT ready!   
  • SCOTUS / Miers : Citing privacy right, Miers rejects Roe questions   
  • Govt : "Gubernatorial Six" suicide out ... Taft was the ringleader
  • Engrish Blogging : IP found a good one! ... and, shocker, liberal-wrong! ... (true!)


    Syria wants to 'help' IraqSynergetic Racism
    Cox & Forkum


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