Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween Trackback Party

Hey, not to take any business from Basil. But after you trackback here, go to my half-assed, too dumb to install the right software, Halloween Trackback Party.


  1. Preemptive Strike of Limited Blogation

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Friday's are good, not so much for Scooter

  2. Best. Death Party. Ever.

    I wrote a few days ago about Cindy Sheehan preparing to tie herself to a fence once the 2000th soldier in Iraq had died. Well, didn?t go exactly as she planned it would seem. The Political Pitbull has some pictures of lonely Cindy

  3. Top ten rejected Jersey state slogans

    Our top ten entries in the competition for a new state slogan.

  4. Trick or Treat Weekend Trackback Party!

    Hope everyone has a spooky Halloween, and gets lots of candy! So share your tricks and treats with us for our Halloween trackback party!
    Here is how it works. Edit a post to include a link to this post, and send a trackback. No link to this post...


    Sites with Open Trackbacks for this weekend (it will update often, so keep checking back)

  6. Yippee. Friday Open Trackback

    Friday Open Trackback is here!

  7. This Is Why Darth Rove Succeeds

    Because Yoda is too busy rolling with the homies. That's why.

  8. Centcom News Roundup #2

    Reports From The Front Lines You May Not Have Read In The Headlines:

  9. ACLU Protecting Sex Offenders Halloween Rights

    LANSING (AP) - A state lawmaker wants to ban sex offenders from Halloween. State representative Fran Amos of Waterford introduced a bill that would prohibit convicted sex offenders from handing out candy.
    Offenders also could not have their porch li...

  10. Really Interesting Stuff Everyone Should Read

    A.K.A. open trackbacks. Did you write something really interesting this week? Feel like your corner of the blogosphere is being ignored? Have an post that you want to generate some noise? Just looking for a cheap link? Here you go....

  11. It Never Fails

    It Never fails , when the government sends out food packages or what ever it is for free to help the needy ,that were in the devastating hurricanes and it doesn't get used but , how in the world does it get to be sold on EBAY of all places ? This rea...


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