Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Poll Cats

Headline of the Day from CNN, the least trusted name in cable news, Poll: Bush would lose an election if held this year Well, it is a good thing we held that election last year when he was actually campaigning for the job and was elected by the first presidential majority in 16 years. But wait, there’s more.

Turns out CNN ignored the bigger news: Bush’s approval rating rose. Paragraph 5 said:

“In the poll, 42 percent of those interviewed approved of the way the president is handling his job and 55 percent disapproved. In the previous poll, released October 17, 39 percent approved of Bush's job performance -- the lowest number of his presidency -- and 58 percent disapproved.”

Even Drew Curtis at Fark, which is aimed for the college set, noted: “CNN stumbles over itself to spin polls showing Bush's approval going up as bad. Claims margin of error, something never mentioned that when the numbers go down.” Meanwhile, approval ratings for CNN fell to 0.39 percent, which is roughly the percentage of the 300 million Americans who actually watch it. (Actually 1 million is 0.33 percent but not as funny.)

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  1. Playing DA (Democrat's/Devil's Advocate): But his approval rating was so low, the only way that it could go would be up!


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