Thursday, October 13, 2005

What If The Wife Finds Out?

So, what kind of trouble do you think I'll be in if the wife finds out about my taking that woman to the Marriott last night?

Probably not too happy. Until she hears the whole story. Then she'll just be mad about me writing it this way. But since she doesn't read this little blog, I'm safe.

Anyway, after work this evening, I went to the Marriott. Oh, there are two in Columbus. I was told to go to the one near the mall. But, of course, the event I was attending was actually at the one downtown. Near where I work. Not the one near the mall. Far away from where I work.

But, since I had bad info, I went to the wrong one. Then I drove all the way back downtown to the correct one.

They had a seminar about a business opportunity. Quiznos. Not gonna do it. Nothing against Quiznos. But coming up with the cash wouldn't be feasible right now. Oh, well.

Anyway, when done, I ran back to work to follow up something that wasn't right. But it had been corrected.

So, I wasn't there long and in short order, headed home.

As I was turning onto Broadway, a van made a U-turn in front of me and stopped at the light. I pulled up next to it and waited for traffic to stop or the light to change so I could make my turn. That's when I noticed the ladies in the van signaling me.

I rolled the window down and they asked me, "Is this Broadway?"

"Yes, ma'am, it is."

"Is the Marriott near here?"

I looked at the road ahead, saw the construction detours, and knew they'd never find it. Well, not for a while, anyway.

"Follow me," I said as the light changed to green.

So, I ended up driving back to the Marriott. Because of the construction downtown, we had to make a couple of turns that were, well, confusing for someone who knew where they were, and much more confusing for someone unfamiliar.

Anyway, they followed me back to the Marriott and I waved them off at the entrance. They yelled out "Thanks!" as I drove away.

So, I actually did a good deed.

Now, I'm not bragging about doing something nice. No, not at all.

But I thought I could use it for a really interesting opening for this post.


  1. I don't know how anyone eats those subs -- so wouldn't even consider a business in it .. but I get side tracked ... good deeds today should be more trumpeted than they use to be. Besides, doing good deeds builds up Karma points ;)

  2. well now... i should think you would not be looking into any other sub shop seein as how you have two daughters working at SUBWAY!!! And that's all i have to say about that.

  3. Jo:

    Ah, so looking into creating a situation where we'd OWN a sub sandwich shop instead of working for "the man" is a bad thing?

  4. You did good! Particularly since gas is so expensive now adays.

  5. But I haven't even pented yet.


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