Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tough Woman

Meet Debra Wooldridge. She was sentenced to serve 3-5 years for burglary.

While a Lancaster County (Omaha, Neb.) sheriff's deputy was transporting her to the York Women's Correctional Facility when she jumped from the transport van, which was traveling 75 mph. She broke her leg. What was interesting was this, from the AP report:
She was restrained by handcuffs, belly chain and leg irons. The investigation continues to determine how Wooldridge was able to get the door of the van open. Wooldridge was the only prisoner in the van.

This is one scary person whom I never want to meet. I mean, people who willingly leap from vans doing 75 are not to be messed with.

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  1. I'm sure she's lovely in person. 8-O

  2. How much you wanna bet she (successfully) sues the state because her leg irons and belly chains contributed to her injuries?

  3. The woman graduated at the top of her class, with a full ride scholarship to college. She has a Masters degree but got hooked on perscription drugs. One of the women she robbed was her Aunt. No one who knew her as a young woman could possibly dream that this would have happened. Pretty sad.


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