Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why Are We Investigating Leaks?

From my post at the Don Surber blog

I thought Watergate and the publication of the Pentagon Papers settled this issue: The public's right is paramount. Who will answer? The Moderate Voice? The Left Coaster? Donklephant? Mahablog? Simbaud? Big Brass Blog? DCCC? Anyone?

The Washington Post came closest to saying this investigation has no clothes. Nor any reason to be.

In trying to get the Bush administration, the press stepped across a line. This will haunt the press. Read more here.

(Sorry I am not very witty today. I will make up for it tomorrow.)


  1. Like I said on your blog, don't discount this too soon. It's being investigated because there's merit. And perhaps the following days will show you that. Maybe it won't, but just wait and see.

  2. Excuse me, "the press" supposedly stepped across a line?

    I will readily admit to being someone who believes a transparent, open government is far, far more preferable to a government that is free to operate in secrecy, but your assertion in the post above goes rather too far in my opinion.

    At the risk of sounding like a left-wing cheerleader (which anyone who reads more than three posts on my weblog would immediately disavow is true), I am forced to ask that you should reconsider your statement.

    Leaks designed to "spin" the media are all part of regular "politics" (as much as I may despise the tactics), but using confidential information not available to other parties to add impetus to the "spin" is despicable in and of itself, regardless of any laws regarding the illegality of "outing" an active CIA agent or not.

    Which part of this is difficult to understand?

    The math is not hard, unless, of course, you are an unrepentant partisan, then any and every thing is allowed to your side, while any and every thing is disallowed to the other side.
    At that point, any attempt at "debate" is about as effective as trying to persuade a brick wall.

    So, it is up to you...

    What do you believe, what is in your interest (and that of your nominal side), and in comparison, what is in the best interest of our nation as a whole?

    Decide carefully


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