Sunday, October 30, 2005

The TypePad TrackBack Solution

It's called WordPress.

I'm not a patient man. But I do try to be fair. Sometimes I'm more than fair. Sometimes I'm less than fair. But I try.

When I try and fail, I must suffer the consequences.

And so must TypePad.

Quite honestly, I was generally happy with TypePad. They do a lot of things right. But things happen. And I realize things happen. So, when things ... bad things ... happen, I try to be patient.

But some things I don't tolerate well. That includes ignoring my concerns.

To summarize what happened:
  • TypePad "improved" their system by putting into place improperly designed or improperly tested TrackBack spam filters.
  • TypePad responded via e-mail (a good thing) but wasn't listening to what I said was the problem.
  • TypePad went over two weeks and the problem (as of this writing) is still not fixed.
So, if they won't fix the issue, I will.

That's why this little blog is now a WordPress blog. I'm presently hosting it myself. But that won't last long, I'm sure. I have other options available to me that I expect to use. But, I've spent over two weeks getting a server set up to host a WordPress blog (didn't take as long as I thought it would) and moving all content over to my local server (took longer than I thought it would).

Oh, the move isn't complete. There is still more content to move. But I have enough moved and everything configured sufficiently to re-launch. And because there is more to move, I'll be busy doing that. But I am returning to blogging, although not quite at the pace I was at prior to the TypePad issue.

So, perhaps Don and TJ ... and hopefully phin, Joe, Beth, Vinnie, moehawk, and the sisters ... will continue to post here. I wish they would and hope they do.

Anyway, I thank Don, TJ, phin, and The Mean Sister for posting during this fortnight of frustration. I really do want them to continue to post. They good. And fun to read.

But I'm back!

And let's celebrate with an Open TrackBack party!


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  3. Congrats on making the switch. Here's another reason to feel good about it.

  4. Basil,

    I cannot tell you how frustrated I am regarding the same issue.
    Yes, typepad do respond and often solve the problems.

    However not until recently, and that is I am sure because I have bombarded them with complaints, have they bothered to inform us when typepad is actually down, instead of letting us struggle without answers.

    Previous to that I would be tearing my hear out, every single day with issues where clearly things were not working and the staff would refuse to acknowledge that the system was downright DOWN!

    Then the times I would write a very long and explicit complaint, believe me for me not so easy to articulate, as I don't have the techi language at my fingertips, only to receive a response can you explain further, as we are always interested how we can improve the system. Improve the system? The system was not working FULL STOP!

    The trackbacks in particular have always been a huge issue where I would spend COUNTLESS hours pinging people to no avail.
    In all the times, and believe me we are talking about at least 35 complaint tickets, each one having at least 3 - 5 responses on either side going back and forth, has anyone told me that they have installed this inefficient trackback spam solution.

    I am not a technical person and simply don't have time to get myself involved with issues that quite frankly when I was a non-paying client with blogger, I did not have!!! In addition to which they are incredibly time consuming! I spend an eqiuivallent amount of time blogging and sorting out typepad!

    Every time I have had problems and believe me this is really every time I actually try to send any pings, I was told, give us the list and we'll do it for you.

    But Basil this is not the same. By the time I have written the complaint ticket, by the time they have responded, by the time I then have to produce the list....the train has gone, and on very hot issues I end up simply being the last, when actually I was often first...

    Tell me, the info about trackback spam filter, was that mentioned in a serial letter that I may have missed?

  5. Conservative Cat describes the spam filter here.

  6. That’s a good Basil

    Basil has come to his senses. Instead of waiting on a fix for the trackback issues TypePad is having, he’s decided to switch over to WordPress.
    I don’t think there could be a more obvious and elegant solution, congratulations on your new...

  7. Basil Is Looking Good

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  12. Yay basil's home!!!

    If there's anything I can do to help, I'll be glad to do so.

    I've got a feeling Typepad may take a beating once folks start to realize that they can get their own server space, domain and Wordpress blog cheaper than they can Typepad.

  13. Basil, GOOD 4U. You've come over to the WP side. Sure, it's got its ups and downs, and sometimes trackbacks in between WP sites can be a bit weird. But at least they generally... work.

    Plus Cal Conservative's little story is a bit, er, interesting...

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  16. Welcome to WordPress, Basil

    Basil’s Blog, formerly powered by TypePad, has now entered the happy land of WordPress. Welcome, Basil. Glad you finally made it. We arrived here a few months ago, and never looked back.


  17. Sorry you've had so much trouble with your blog, Basil. I was wondering if you'd be interested in being hosted by I could recommend you. You could keep your domain and have it point to the blog. If you're interested drop me a line at everyman dot blog at gmail dot com and let me know. I'll nominate you for hosting. They do use Movable Type software though but I'm sure you could transfer your posts easily.

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  19. That's quite kind of you to offer. I was not aware that blogs could appear as other domains. Except for the old trick of using a frames page. That's good information to know.

    Again, I really appreciate the offer. I have enough of the TypePad on my local server to run from home for the time being, and will be making a final move after the entire TypePad contents are transferred.


  20. w00t! I love the new look!
    And of course, I'm like an annoying Firefox evangelist with WordPress. :-D

    I'm going to send a trackback, mainly because (you don't want to hear this, I know) I've been having T/B problems lately. I'm assuming you're on WP 1.5.2, so maybe it will work... :sigh:

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  22. Finally, a machine that goes "Ping"

    TypePad's TrackBack handling is still eccentric (a euphemism for "screwy"), which has motivated Basil (you may remember this) to come up with a solution of his own: move to WordPress....

  23. CA Con:
    I never did thank you for pointing me to that. Somehow, I had missed that earlier. But I'm not surprised at what I read.

  24. Phin:
    Just wait until WordPress MU is finally released!

    I'm finding out what you mean by WP-to-WP pings.

    Yes, it's WP 1.5.2 running here. Just downloaded it two weeks ago. And got your ping!

  25. Thank god -- the world is right again .. Basil is baaaaaaaaaack .. hugs and mucho kisses darling

  26. Basil,

    Hope you're using the Spam Karma plugin.

    We wasted a lot of time (and spent a LOT of time moderating comments) before trying it-- so far, it's working great.


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