Sunday, October 23, 2005

Not Yet

No, this site isn't the new Basil's Blog.

Not yet.

I've owned the domain for some time. I've been using it to redirect to ... if anyone ever tried.

But now, I'm using it as the domain for a WordPress site. I'm running it on my own server. I'm prepared to move my little blog over to here or another host.

Again, this is just a test site. Visite here for the real basil's blog.


I am testing and trying out things here, though. Hosting on my own server is a new experience for me. There are all kinds of tweaks and things that need to happen. I get some errors I don't expect when working remote. And things like that are taking up lots of time.

I have imported all the posts, comments, and trackbacks from the TypePad version of this little blog from January-September. And the same from December-January for the Blogger version.

Lots more to do, which is why I'm still not returned full-time to the real blog. But I am making progress. Not where I wanted to be by now, but I'm getting there.

You've probably figured it out by now. But we're here now.

UPDATE (September 2016):
The last word. I hope.


  1. Dear TypePad (Part 2)

    Dear Anil: Thanks for your response to my post Dear TypePad. I am pleased to see that someone who knows a lot about TypePad has taken an interest. However, please allow me to express some concerns I have. You indicate

  2. We'll follow whereever you lead us. Where's the koolaid?

  3. Best to ya in this experiment! Don't think I'd even TRY to be this "server" brave!


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