Sunday, October 30, 2005

Headline News: 10/30/2005

From ABC News:
Hundreds Attend Parks Memorial in Ala.
More would have attended, but no one wanted to sit in the back of the bus

From ABC News:
Prince Albert's Take On Taking the Throne
Willing to serve as soon as he is let out of that can

From ABC News:
Bush, Cheney Urged to Apologize for Aides
Kennedy not urged to apologize for killing Mary Jo

From ABC News:
Pa. Gas Company Callers Get Sex-Talk Line
Customer service complaints at all-time low

From ABC News:
Military Recruiters, Parents Battle at High School
Recruiters get to pick weapons

From ABC News:
Israelis, Palestinians to Cease Fighting
Once the last one is dead

From ABC News:
Israel kills two militants in West Bank shootout
Called the "first step" toward peace

From ABC News:
'The Simpsons' Exported to Middle East -- Minus Bacon, Beer
Homer Simpson's offending phrases to be replaced with "Mmmmmm... jihad."

From ABC News:
Hurricane Beta hits Nicaragua
Nicaragua runs, tells

From ABC News:
Some New Orleans House Fires Suspicious
Bush blamed.

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