Thursday, March 30, 2006

Headline News 2006-03-30

From ABC News:
Brokeback Mountain is tops at gay media awards
Edged "Good Night and Good Luck" as gayest film of year

From CNN:
A pope's pen pal: Exchanging letters with John Paul II
Doesn't understand why pope hasn't written back in the past year

From WTAE:
Pitt prof to Russia's Putin: You're a plagiarist
Putin loses job as Washington Post blogger

From WPLG:
Cops: Eagles star refused to stop boogying
Joe Walsh arrested

From CNN:
Scientists recreate the 1906 San Francisco quake
San Francisco residents not pleased

From CNN:
Naked sculpture of Spears going on view
Will allow both men that haven't seen Britney Spears naked to join rest of world

From ABC News:
New Orleans Recovery May Take 25 Years
Effects of the Ricky Williams trade long-lasting

From ABC News:
Sharon Stone: 'Sex Is the Weapon'
Was cleaning it when it went off

From ABC News:
School Sends Boy With Spiked Hair Home
Spike Lee sues over haircut description

From ABC News:
Iran Gets 30 Days to Clear Nuke Suspicions
Syria agrees to store weapons next to Saddam's


  1. "Was cleaning it when it went off"

    Ah, we men never quite evolve beyond 14, do we?

  2. Thursday...

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