Thursday, November 2, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-02

From CNN:
Shots fired in Turkey pope protest
Turkey Pope renews calls for cancellation of Thanksgiving meal

From CNN:
Businessman wants to evict Anna Nicole Smith
Thought "evict" was euphamism for "have sex with"

From CNN:
Joey Buttafuoco gets a little break
Fixed with a little splint

From CNN:
U.S. fears overthrow of Lebanon government
Still uncertain what the difference would be

From WGAL:
DA: Police make largest drug bust in 20 years
Largest ever, not counting Marion Barry's

From WCVB:
2 stabbed after Salem Halloween festivities
Plans for hangings altered

From KITV:
Police: Woman smothers baby while breastfeeding
Dolly Parton arrested

From KFOX:
Airport finally gets its horse
Last horse-drawn airplane plans final flight

From KMGH:
Family of 10 survives rollover accident
Volkswagen crosses border, crashes

From CNN:
Web reaches 100 million milestone
Only 99 million are dedicated to naked pre-teens

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