Monday, November 13, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-13

From ABC News:
Man Accused of Mailing Threats to Pelosi, Jon Stewart, Letterman and Others Due in Court
Rumsfeld indicted

From ABC News:
Pet Deer Attacks, Kills His Owner
Bambi indicted

From ABC News:
Man Attacked by Shark Off Maui Beach
Greg Norman indicted

From ABC News:
MLK Dream Comes to Fruition
"Free at last" was actually code for "Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson photo op"

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda's Great Escape: Too Good to Be True?
Election results certified

From ABC News:
Indonesian Students Protest Bush Visit
Tree visit okay

From ABC News:
Christian, Muslim Britons say leave Christmas alone
Pelosi, Reid agree to reconsider

From ABC News:
Admit It, You Want a $1,200 Bang & Olufsen Phone
Olufsen phone optional

From ABC News:
Dairy Farmers Get More Milk Money
Melanie Griffith films sequel

From ABC News:
Anna Nicole Smith Is House-Hunting
Hugh Laurie in hiding

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  1. Can we send money to the guy who sent letters to dimwits? His heart was in the right place! ha

    Anna Nicole. Is it really necessary that we hear every detail of her stupidity? Haven't we suffered enough?


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