Friday, November 10, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-10

From ABC News:
New Face of Congress: Fewer White Christian Men
Satan, wife pleased

From ABC News:
Ford to Become Oldest Living President
Carter remains most useless

From ABC News:
Man Who Fled Fatal Traffic Accident for 5 Years Returned to U.S.
Ted Kennedy to stand trial

From ABC News:
Courtney Confirms She'll Go Nude in Magazine
December issue of Crack Whore magazine goes on sale Thanksgiving

From ABC News:
Leaving the Religious Right
Dems team up with Religious Wrong

From ABC News:
Dead N.C. Candidate Easily Wins Election
Only safe Democrat elected Tuesday

From ABC News:
Teen Who Skipped Tab Made to Wash Dishes
Prefers Diet Coke

From ABC News:
Man Uses Bug Story to Get Women Undressed
Next plan, "snake in my pants" story

From ABC News:
Bipartisanship Ho?
Pelosi vows to work with Bush

From ABC News:
Republicans look to Reagan era for inspiration
Bush to give Alzheimer's a try

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