Monday, November 6, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-06

From ABC News:
Firefighters Battle Blaze at Fla. Gator Park
Bobby Bowden under investigation

From ABC News:
The Obese Life: 60 Million Chinese Join In
Now the Chins have more chins than a Chinese phonebook

From ABC News:
Woman Accused of Punching Cop Over Sign
Not clear how she got cop over sign

From ABC News:
Hungarians Seize Fake Washing Powder
Fake washing illegal in Hungary

From ABC News:
Ky. Officer Shoots Himself While Driving
Had warned himself to pull over

From ABC News:
Police Confiscate Mummy From Mich. Woman
Brendan Fraser freed

From ABC News:
Ex-Klansman Dies Serving Time in Killing
Robert Byrd loses another life-long friend

From ABC News:
Staying Alive During a Plane Crash
Jive Talkin' caused crash

From ABC News:
Saturn moon gives clues about early life on Earth
Blue begins career as astronaut

From ABC News:
Palm hit by patent suit
Was aiming at back of hand

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