Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Sales Call

So the Wife and I driving heading home last night when my cell phone rang. I checked the caller ID. "Unavailable."

"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Mr. (unintelligible) Rahib?" came a woman's voice. Maybe she said "Rahim," I couldn't be sure.

I paused for half-a-second. "You've got the wrong number."

That wasn't good enough, it seems: "Are you a homeowner?"

Now, I'm really unhappy.

"My name isn't Rahib or whatever it was you said."

"I asked if you were a homeowner."

Now, I'm really, really unhappy. "Don't call this number again. Put me on your Do Not Call list."

And I hung up.

And I was really, really, really unhappy.

I don't know if little Miss Salesgirl will call back. But I want to be ready for her if she does.

I'm looking for some suggestions here. Nice and polite is optional.


  1. If she asks you if you are a homeowner again, ask her if she is a legalized citizen of the United States of America.

  2. Sorry basil, that's the best I can come up with, I'm trying to give up swearing.

  3. c.a. advice I like.

    We use to get calls for a previous homeowner and they wouldn't take "they don't live here anymore" for an answer. Finally hubby had enough and the last time we got a call and asked if Mr. so-and-so was there, hubby said, "Yes, but he's out in the back yard servicing (word changed) the goat." The gal hung up and never called back.

    You said nice was optional :D

  4. c.a. Marks: Thanks! That might would've worked.

    Jo: I'll save that one for when the Wife isn't sitting next to me. Thanks!

  5. I call clients who cannot recall my name, or who move without telling me, and people assume I am a telemarketer all the time. Polite and decisive is the way to go I'll say, because being mean just makes you feel bad later, even if you "get" the caller. As an authority I refer you to the film "You've Got Mail" in a similar situation involving put downs.

    Of course, I always answer the phone in Czech if I am in doubt. Sometimes I even use that line from the MCI commercial, "Hama Laka Piso?" Good natured, but wrong-footing at the same time, and legitimate callers can explain themselves.

  6. Just say no, I live in my car and hang up! When they are annoying you, I fail to see the need to be polite! You'll still be your same sweet self with one less telemarketer!

  7. Check this site:
    I'm actually looking forward to trying it on the next victim I mean telemarketer.


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