Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Why I'm Voting Democrat

There's a local politician that has a bumper sticker that says: I'm a conservative, I'm a Christian, I'm a gun-owner, I'm a Democrat. Or something like that.

And I know the guy. He is all that.

And he's in the minority. And I'll vote for him.

But he's just about the only Democrat who'll get my vote.

You see, at the local level, at least in most areas of the South, Democrats are conservative. Republicans, too. But quite honestly, in some areas, the local Republicans are the fringe candidates. Most locals are Democrats.

And voting for those Democrats is fine.

Except for one thing.

Strengthening the Democratic party locally will help strengthen the state Democratic party. And in many places, state Democrats are conservative. But not as many as the locals.

And there's the problem. Because state Democrats will strengthen the national Democratic party.

And that's bad news for the world. Not just for the US, although the Democratic party is dangerous for the US. They're the party that opposes our military. Oh, sure. Not all. Not Zell Miller. Not Sam Nunn. Not Joe Lieberman. And others like that. But Miller's retired. So's Nunn. And Lieberman was voted out by the Dems.

That leaves the nutcases running the Democratic party. The nutcases who really oppose the military. Not because they're liberal. There are liberals that support the military. Not many, but some.

But the national Democratic party running the US will make the US less safe. Much less safe.

Unless they really don't mean what they say. Maybe they do love the US. Maybe they do support the military. At least the one's they don't get killed by publicly offering aid and comfort to the enemy.

Maybe the national Democrats don't mean what they say. Maybe they're not batshit crazy.

Maybe they're just a bunch of liars.

I can believe that.

But that local Democrat? I'm still voting for him. And maybe one other.

But the rest of my ballot today will contains Rs. Lots and lots of Rs.


  1. My ballot was completely covered with "R's" which made voting today extremely easy. Usually I go through and sometimes like you I'll vote for a local Dem, but not this time. I felt that we needed to keep the Republicans in control of the senate and the house. Hopefully all the R's will get out and vote today.

  2. We have the opposite situation over in Cali. The Repubs are pretty liberal here...

  3. We have Democrats in Indiana like that too. But while Baron Hill would not be a freshman congressman if he wins, and has enough power to buck the national party, the other two challengers do not (the guy running against Hostettler is very conservative; I don't know anything about the guy running against Chocola).

    And all of the Democratic candidates on my ballot here in Pennsylvania except for Fast Eddie Rendell got As from the GOA. Still, I voted straight-ticket Republican today.

  4. I voted straight Republican, and "No" to all the ballot proposals. I have always voted Republican since my first time voting for Gerald Ford in 1976. My second cousin, a Democrat, ran for county prosecutor, in the early 80's, and I did not vote for him. He lost by a wide margin to Brooks Patterson, who is now county executive.

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  6. Thanks for sharing. I'll share mine (from my blog):

    I voted. Took a few minutes. I turned down the touch screen in favor of optical scanner.

    I went with Raese. Politics aside, Byrd's not healthy enough. I voted for Capito. Her opponent is a good guy but she is well regarded in Congress. I voted for Mike Hall for the state Senate. His opponent is OK, but Hall did well in the House of Delegates. I voted for Penny Dick because I do not like my two delegates. I voted for Gary Otho Tillis for county commissioner. My lone Democrat. I like him. He was a good delegate and our incumbent commissioner, Jim Caruthers, just needs a break from holding office.

    Four Republicans. One Democrat. We'll see how my fellow citizens voted after 7:30 pm.

    I love Election Day. It is calming and relaxing.

  7. I know what you mean about Southern Dems... In Kentucky we face the same issue... at the local level it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the parties. Nonetheless... I voted an all Republican ticket. I wanted to use my 2 cents to send a message- even at the local level.

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