Sunday, November 26, 2006

WAR Rages On!

Wide Awakes Radio (WAR) has completed upgrades and returns to the air this morning!

At 8:00 AM ET (5:00 AM on the Left Coast) WAR will return to the airwaves with new material.

It's been a long, hard task that Kender and the group at WAR have taken on. And the hard work pays off today with the new equipment and processes that should make WAR an even better product.

You might recall that Wide Awakes Radio suffered early from too much success. The sheer volume of listeners overwhelmed the servers and equipment ... and shut it down. Couldn't handle the load.

So, upgrades were done quickly and WAR returned to the air. But the problems from being taken down that first day were difficult to overcome. Listenership hasn't reached those first day levels ... even though the equipment is capable of handling it.

Still, more upgrades were planned ... and now they've been executed. While WAR has been running reruns ... when it's been on the air ... work behind the scenes has continued.

Today, that work pays off with Wide Awakes Radio returning with live programming at 8:00 AM ET (5:00 AM PT).

The voice that goes with entity that sits behind the keyboard at this little blog will return Sunday at 3:00. But you should be listening at 8:00 this morning ... or as soon as you can.

WAR rages on.

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