Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-07

From CNN:
Man jailed for putting puppy in warm oven
Instructions said preheat to 350

From CNN:
Letters to God to go to church
Last known address

From CNN:
Patch may one day let you skip the needle
Heroin patch seeks FDA approval

From CNN:
Panama wins seat on U.N. Security Council
Must decide whether to keep or trade for what's behind the curtain

From CNN:
'Please don't hurt my wife,' racer begged
Speed asks for Trixie's release

From CNN:
Hazy Titan may hint at Earth's early climate
Vince Young exhibits amazing abilities following concussion

From CNN:
Bigfoot research makes professor a campus outcast
Supporting Taliban still allowed

From CNN:
Al Qaeda bomb plotter gets life
Virgins must wait

From CNN:
Rwanda seeks genocide masterminds
Has big plans for 2007

From WPXI:
Cell phone saves fallen hunter
Lassie jealous


  1. Tuesday's...

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  2. Lassie Jealous! LOL. I used to live in the same apartment building with Timmy back in the day.


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