Monday, November 13, 2006

Helping Holly

I'm sure you know all about Holly Aho and the work she does for Soldiers' Angel. If you don't, well, she's a huge supporter of our military. She's also an artist.

Holly's running a promotion over at her blog. She's opened up an online store, and has asked for some help with it.

Naturally, I'm hoping her promotion goes well. Since she supports the military, as a former soldier, I appreciate what she does ... and want to support her.

Her contest will reward bloggers that go to her store from their respective blogs (including this one). But here's the thing. If enough visitors go to her store from here, we'll get gift certificates for the store.

Only here's the switch. I'm going to ask Holly to take any of the winnings this little blog gets and use them to give something to a soldier.

Okay, a soldier or a Marine or a sailor or an airman or ... well, you get the idea. One of our service men. Or women.

If we don't generate enough visits to qualify for gift certificates, it's okay. Because all purchases there help Holly. And that's fine with me. Because Holly supports the soldiers. And helping her will help them.

Or, better yet, if you buy something from her store, and you use it as a gift for a soldier ... everybody wins!

Check out Holly's art. Or her jewelry. It's good stuff.

And Holly's good people.


  1. [...] Also, with the money that you’ll be saving on this workout machine Basil has a freind named Holly who is helping with Soldier’s Angels. She’s a huge supporter of the military, and it’s for a great cause. Posted by Tony | [...]

  2. Thanks for helping Holly out. Her stuff *is* beautiful. My favorite is the painting "Break of Dawn".

  3. [...] I stole ALL OF THIS from basil’s blog. Yeah, I’m lazy like that but I still wanted to help spread the word for Holly - Soldiers’ Angel. I’m sure you know all about Holly Aho and the work she does for Soldiers’ Angel. If you don’t, well, she’s a huge supporter of our military. She’s also an artist. [...]


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