Sunday, November 5, 2006

Hey, Honey, Watch This!

With Friday taken up with an unproductive trip to find furniture, and with Saturday taken up with a beer party for a 7-year-old (more on that from Cousin Red on Wednesday), Sunday was the day I tried to finish up some computer issues.

There have been some network issues to resolve (the issues involved me not being able to do my Wide Awakes Radio show on Sunday afternoon), I did manage to squeeze in my first attempt to burn a DVD.

You see, the TiVo is on the network. It uses a wireless adapter to connect to the network and the Internet. And, when I finally got the issues resolved to the point where the router was again ... routing ... I decided to test a couple of things.

So, I installed TiVo Desktop on my laptop. Then, I transferred a movie from the TiVo to the laptop. I chose The Phantom of the Opera, which the TiVo had recorded a few days ago and hadn't yet removed.

It had picked it up from TCM one night, with Robert Osborne introducing it and telling his little Lon Chaney stories like he does. And, with the previews and One-Reel Wonders or whatever came on after it, the whole thing was 2 hours. And that's about how long it took to copy it from the TiVo to the laptop.

Then, I broke out one of the blank DVDs I had bought for this purpose. It was a TDK DVD+R. And I installed the software that TiVo recommended to burn things to DVD: Roxio MyDVD.

And I burned a DVD.

That took another 2 hours.

But, when it was done last night, I said "Hey, Honey, watch this!" and sat the Wife down on the couch to watch it ... but mainly to show her that we could burn DVDs.

I dropped the disc into the DVD player and pressed play.

The menu screen came up. The one that said "Click here to change text." That I didn't click and change. So it said "Click here to change text" on the TV. I hem-hawed my way past that. And I hit play.

Remember, this was recorded off TCM and they don't always start the feature right at the advertised time.

The first thing that appeared on the screen was an image of Robert Osborne sitting in a chair talking to Robert Wagner. Only the image was a mirror image. And upside down. And would flash green.

After a few seconds of me standing there in total silence while Robert Wagner and Robert Osborne sat on their heads in mirror form ... I heard a snicker.

I turned around and saw the Love Of My Life laughing at me.

She thought this was funny. But she won't be laughing long.

Wait until she sees the DVDs and software show up on the Visa bill.

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