Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Headline News 2006-11-29

From CNN:
Democrats eye rebirth of vetoed stem cell bill
As long as bill is only thing to complete a birth

From CNN:
Crosses for fallen soldiers stir debate
Only time left doesn't oppose a cross

From CNN:
'Grunts and squeaks' wins Bad Sex Award
Just ahead of 'being Ted Kennedy'

From CNN:
Obesity a big problem in Africa
Starvation a small problem

From CNN:
Brazil inmates stage mass escape
Didn't want to attend mass

From CNN:
Florida man pulled from gator's jaws
Chris Leak arrested for assault

From WLKY:
Coroner rules Taser shocks did not kill man
Police vow to try again

From CNN:
German recounts how CIA kidnapped, tortured him
Good times

From CNN:
Microsoft: Windows Vista is done
No further bugs to be added

From CNN:
For sale: Rare dinosaur fossil
Robert Byrd expected to draw large sum


  1. Basil insults a W.Va. institution...

    Basil's headline news strikes again. It is the last headline that is the troublemaker tonight....

  2. Linked ya. Trackbacks are slow tonight. You misspelled sum.

  3. Wednesday's...

    Day By Day: Fast Fraud Basil's Blog: Headline News The MoxArgon Group: Tales of a Wandering Warlord Part 8: Git Outta Gitmo Ya Git! Semi-Open Trackbacks: If you have something funny to share, link to this post and send......


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