Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Breakfast: 10/11/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Hurricane Center Has One Name Left, Will Not Track Any More After Wilma

    Wilma would be the 21st storm of the season. BEDROCK (Live Science) - With the forming of the 20th tropical storm in the Atlantic Basin, this season becomes the second busiest on record. If one more storm forms, as is

  2. Jimmy Buffet goes to Washington

    The Smithsonian just gained its very own margarita machine. Mariano Martinez created the margarita machine in 1971 by adapting a soft serve ice cream machine in order to make his mark with his Mexican restaurant, Mariano Hacienda, in Dallas, Texas....

  3. ACLU Sues for Conjugal Visits

    The ACLU has taken this one step further, in an affront to all sense of common decency, and filed suit on behalf of sex offenders who wish to have conjugal visits with children. The lawsuit cites the freedom of assembly clause of the First Amendment....

  4. Basil, The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog is now my favorite blog in the world. Oh, man. Thanks.

  5. Had an Abortion? Call an Attorney

    According to the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Update dated October 10, 2005, women in the U.S. and Australia have brought successful lawsuits against abortion doctors for neglecting to reveal the increased risks of breast cancer and emotional ...

  6. Marry him or you're suspended!

    Which is the moral of this story in today's Tampa Tribune. To be honest, I have trouble comprehending all the parties involved.

  7. Flood Pork

    They rebuilt their summer home on the barrier island even though it was in the path of hurricanes. the Leacys are an American story showing all you need is grit and pluck and thousands of dollars of someone else's money to rebuild your summer home.

  8. Terror in my backyard?

    According to reports from Atlanta's NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, a plane stolen from St. Augustine, Florida has mysteriously appeared right hear in my hometown of Lawrenceville, GA. (To watch video of the report, click here.)


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