Saturday, October 1, 2005

Brunch: 10/1/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:


  1. Round The Reader - Saturday Edition

    It's a long one today folks, let's get right to the Saturday Edition of Round The Reader.

  2. Picking the Next SCOTUS Nominee

    While the President may very well know who has been chosen to fill the seat that will be vacated by the retirement of Sandra Day O'Conner, the rest of us are left playing guessing games. Over at Confirm Them each post begets comments in the hundreds w...

  3. Weekend Trackback Party

    Its the weekend! Help us celebrate, pimp your best stuff. A link for a linklink to this post, send a trackback, and a link to your blog will magically appear. Its a linkfest weekend! Share your best with us!
    If you have somethin...

  4. rightwingnation.comOctober 1, 2005 at 6:08 AM

    Flight 93 Memorial Site

    I drove down to the Flight 93 Memorial Site yesterday, to pay my respects, and to see if what I had heard was true. And although I would put nothing past the liberals, there is no taint there now. The site of the crash is indeed in a bowl-shaped valle...

  5. Clooney's Next Movie

    But how about for his next little-guy-takes-down-the-big-guy flick Clooney does the Ray Donovan story?

  6. Support the Cause- Buy a CD

    We now have some of the most exciting news to hit REAL Teen! Through Zaphriel, we now have a cd available for purchase. It will focus on the evils of the ACLU and is over 40 minutes of political commentary! It even has my rant against socialism on it! ...

  7. Conspiracy Muslim in the FDNY

    It has been common knowledge, to our laughter, that a large chunk of the left believes in many conspiracy theories. They believe Nixon killed Kennedy, they believe that Bush rigged the elections, and they believe that Bush caused 9/11. These ridiculous...

  8. One Canadian's View of Katrina

    Despite so much America-bashing going on around the world (mostly in America), David Warren, a Canadian, has the ability to see the truth about the people who live in our great country.

  9. Bennetts Brainfart

    Jeff Goldstein appears to have the best roundup of the Bill Bennett brainfart. His basic argument, it seems is:

    Still, as it becomes more and more apparent that Bennett's argument was manifestly not informed by racism, however, and that his critic...

  10. Why am I here?

    In the very beginning, I knew exactly why I started this little website. Having worked in the technology field for 15 years, I did not know how to spell blog until I met James from Hell in a Handbasket. I...

  11. Most Americans see judicial activism crisis

    Via WND
    Legal experts shocked by results of survey by American Bar Association publication.
    Legal experts are shocked by a new survey showing more than half of Americans believe judicial activism has reached a crisis stage, according t...

  12. China: Happy 56th anniversary

    Let's take a look at China's friendly overtures to its own people, beginning with the civil war which catapaulted Mao and the communists into power. These types of friendly overtures are most commonly referred to as "genocide"

  13. Delay framed

    The political teen has a video of Byron York on Ronnie Earle vs. Delay. Great stuff.
    Moonbat Central has a piece on perpetrating Delays frame.
    What Did Shadow Party Operative Robert Borosage Know, and When Did He K...

  14. Time to move on Lou

    I truthfully don't understand ownership in a case like this. No one unless you're the early Mets is going to come to see a perennial loser play baseball. If you want to make money you have to invest in a company. Right now no one wants to do that with ...

  15. Judith Miller Tips Off Muslim Charity?

    John Hinderaker of Powerline, in commentary on Judith Miller's release from custody, relates a very disturbing story about Miller.

  16. Heirs to the Horn & Hardart

    As far as we're concerned, the new milennium won't have distinguised itself until it has produced a 21st-Century Automat, combining the unerring dexterity of assembly-line robotics, the transparent utility of an iPod and the streamlined down-hominess o...

  17. Yahoos Jerry Yang . . .

    Sometimes the Communist Chinese Government asks Jerry Yang?s Yahoo to give them the names of Internet users . . .

  18. Tulsa Oklahoma Politics

    Watch the video of the "non-biased" reporter cheering during a meeting.

  19. Exposing The Misleading Rhetoric of Islam

    A quick reference to a statement made by a Sunni group in Iraq caught my eye as I read this Associated Press report on a new offensive underway against insurgents in Iraq.
    On Saturday, the Iraqi Islamic Party, the countrys largest Sunni politi...

  20. Bennett's remarks on abortion

    We are now reaping the rewards of the free-love sixties, radical feminism, and the Welfare state. It is wreaking havoc on blacks, so too on whites. It's just taking a little longer.

  21. The Babes' Weekend Trackback Bash

    ....we're having a party

  22. Bush Looking For A Greenspan Replacement

    This is part 1 of what should be am occasional series on the selection of a new Federal Reserve Chairman. Today we look at the situation and one of the leading candidates so far.

    President Bush is on the trail, looking for a replacement for Fed Ch...


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