Sunday, March 12, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Gosh, it seems I'm busy.

Busy, busy, busy.

Maybe too busy.

I seemed to have irritated people or upset people or hurt some feelings. I'm not sure which. You see, I've been busy.

I work for a living. For an Evil Corporation. And I enjoy what I do. But it's work. Web-based work lots of the time, but still work.

I get up in the morning, eat breakfast, and make the drive to my cell at the Evil Corporation. Then I put in my time. Oh, it's an enjoyable job. Second most enjoyable job I've ever had.

The best wouldn't be the best today, but at the time, when I was a teenager staying up nights playing music at the radio station and talking to the girls that called in ... that was fun. Couldn't ... and wouldn't ... do it today. But at the time, it was great.

The job I got today isn't quite like that, but it's fun.

I enjoyed being in the Army. But the job I have now involves no digging foxholes, no picking desert sand out of my shorts, no carrying a rifle in knee-deep snow, no having artillery rounds flying overhead ... well, you get the idea. The Army, I enjoyed. But I really like what I do today for work.

But, I also blog. In case you hadn't noticed.

Actually, there are a couple of blogs I'm responsible for. You know about this little blog. And I maintain It' And And, I contrubute an occasional Blog Tips column for The Alliance.

Plus, there are three other blogs I run. No, I'm not going to say much about them. But I do run ... and write ... three other blogs besides those I've mentioned.

So, maybe I'm trying to do too much. Not at work, but on the blogs.

Anyway, I get lots of email.

Lots of email.


Of email.

And not just email. But spam, too.

Oh, I get about 100 or so legitimate emails a day.

Now, by legitimate, that's emails that I don't mind getting, or that I've asked to get. Questions for Blog Interviews, for instance. Or mailing lists I've subscribed to. Oh, there are also some people that send me email about every post they write ... even though I never asked them to. Still, legitimate emails. About 100 or so a day.

Plus spam.

That total doesn't include spam.

And by spam, I mean Nigerians wanting my banking account information, fake eBay notices, offers to increase my penis size or my breast size, or something in Japanese. You've received them, too, I'm sure.

I get lots of them. More of those than I get regular email.

How much more? Judge for yourself.

Pretty impressive ratio of spam to legitimate email, huh? And that's just one email account. I have many email accounts.

So, I don't always answer my email. And some take offense at that. Some get angry. Some get offended or hurt. Some remove me from their blogroll. Others perhaps buy weapons and climb clock towers, I don't know.

Anyway, I know that I've offended some by not always replying to emails. And some take it personal.

It's not.

I'm just busy.

Perhaps too busy.

Maybe I need to drop a blog. Or two. Or three. Or four. Or five ....

Do others have the same problem? Or is it just me?


  1. aaawww, someone needs a hug. Let me be the first ((((((((((hugs to basil))))))))) Hope your day gets better.

  2. I sure didn't mean to come across as a whiner ... but gosh!

  3. Good lord 335! I thought my spam folder was bad with 33 in the morning .. I'm going to quit complaining.

  4. Thanks for explaining why you don't respond to all your emails. I feel much better now.

    /holsters weapon
    /climbs down from watertower

  5. I am with you except for the Ligit emails, most of the time my inbox is 100% spam and no love from my thousands of readers (Erma and Sam Thousand from Encino, CA)

  6. I didn't need spam to increase my breast size.

  7. Sinner,

    You should have Erma and Sam pass your site along to their daughter and son in law, Judy and Bill Millions.

    I get more than the recommended daily intake of spam currently as well. When I combine accross all of my email accounts, I have at least a 10:1 spam-valid email ratio.

  8. The Best Of Monday...

    Basil is Busy, Busy, Busy
    Once again, common sense from South Carolina
    California Conservative: Schieffer: Don't Blame Media for Iraq Failures
    I disagree with the post – Bob Schieffer has it right – but it is a good post...

  9. Well I'm glad you've come out and apologized. I'm terribly hurt that you did not respond to my 137 emails with my vanity posts. Maybe if you had larger Japanese breasts, this wouldn't have happened. I think you threw away those email offers too quickly.

  10. Mmmm. Large Japanese breasts...

  11. No need for explanation. I could tell ya a story about a couple of folks that slammed me for not responding in a fashion that was not to their liking.

    People get busy.... You run some wonderful blogs... and you are much too polite.... just tell 'em to put a sock in it... better yet... send 'em to me... I'll rough 'em up for you....

    I'd be curious to know who it is... I'd bet one of them has to be the same person.... ;-)

  12. Between all the reading, writing Pirate's Cove daily, and American Flag League when new members come in, commenting (I spend more time on other blogs then my own), keeping up with sports, and Real Life, it sometimes get's crazy.

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