Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Catfish Blogging: The Pain, The Pain

"Oh, the pain, the pain." On Lost In Space, Dr. Smith used to say that. I know the feeling.

After getting rained out Tuesday, the Catfish played two against the Greenville Bombers (Red Sox). Things didn't go well. Not at all.

In game one, Columbus had the Bombers out in the second inning, except that the umpire ruled strike three (for the third out) was not a strike, but a ball. At least, that's how I saw it. Anyway, the batter then knocked in some runs and put Greenville up comfortably. Take away that inning, we have a 2-to-2 tie and extra innings.

But, that's not how it goes. The Catfish lost that game, 6-2.

Game two was different, other than the second inning again being the big inning for the visiting team. Greenville punched 5 across and went on to win, 8-0. Their pitchers did a fantastic job of keeping Columbus off-balance, allowing only three hits, two coming in the last two innings.

I'm looking forward to game three of this four-game series. While the Bombers looked the better team Wednesday night, Thursday is another day. And the Catfish can take them.

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