Sunday, April 17, 2005

No 'I' In 'Team'

CatfishIt's been a very difficult homestand for the Catfish. After winning the first game of the four-game series with Rome (Braves), the second game was very difficult. But that third game, it was a real heart-breaker.

Lucas MayAfter getting down early in the Saturday afternoon game, the Catfish chipped away at Rome's lead. They finally took the lead in the eighth inning with a home run by one of our adopted players, Lucas May. The Catfish got to two outs in the ninth, but a home run by Rome sent it to extra innings, and Rome came out the victor. That one hurt.

Sunday was Family Fun Day, with a bunch of games and stuff set up for the kids prior to the game. The wife and I got a call at the end of the week asking if we'd help out. We said we would. And we did. She and I took turns making baseball cards for kids featuring their picture and running the bungie game, that's hard to explain, other than kids wear a harness, run full speed to grab a 'baseball' and get jerked backwards by the bungie cord. Lots of jerked around children and baseball cards were to be had, in addition to the pitching alleys, batting cages, and such.

Because of breaking the events down afterwards, we missed the first two innings of the game. So, when we saw an 8-0 lead by Rome, we were shocked and dismayed. But the Catfish didn't quit. They fought back, but could only manage 6 runs, and Rome added 7 more in the ninth. So, losing three of four hurt.

Dan BatzBut let me tell you what really hurts: the players. Our players, Luke and Dan, played some real good ball during this home stand. And our former player, Brandon, made some great plays also. And, after the games, we tried to tell them how well they played. But they were more concerned about "not getting the 'W'" that day. They were not concerned about their own individual play, except how it fit into the picture in regards to the team. To them, it's all about the team.

And they are right. The big picture isn't what you do, or what awards you win, or how much applause you get, it's how you are able to contribute to help others succeed. It's about the team. Whether that team is your family, your country, or your Class A minor league team in Georgia.

They are living that every day. We need more Columbus Catfish in this world.


  1. OT

    Basil, have you noticed a change in Evil Glenn's posting style? I noticed he has alot more pictures now, eerily mirroring It's a Pundit. I never noticed any pictures in his posts before.

    He also actually used the phrase, "Indeed, again."

    Do you think the Puppy Blender is beginning to crack? Trying to outmatch your outstanding parody?

  2. Our Braves start tomorrow. Of course I procrastinated and do not have tickets, because I suck. I will have to wait until Tuesday. They had a great write-up in our local paper about the stadium. It sounds better than Turner Field.

    Go Catfish!

  3. Tom:
    Oh I'm sure it's just a coincidence about any change in posting style. After all, It'sAPundit isn't even on his radar. He probably hasn't even heard of it. And, any credit due actually goes to the others who are posting there. They've done an outstanding job of being dead-on satire, plus when mixing their own style, have made it a really good product. And, there have actually been some items that were scooped by It'sAPundit ahead of InstaPundit. Giving IMAO it's props, It'sAPundit may very well be the best group-blog, simply because of the number of geniuses involved: 33 vs 8.

    Two Dogs:
    Hey, a sellout at the new stadium? That's great. Columbus hasn't had a sellout in years, certainly not since this team has been here (3rd year) and for I-don't-know-how-long for the previous team. Hope the first game you make there goes well.


  4. My wife coaches Women's Volleyball & Basketball at one of the local community colleges and it amazes me the heart those girls put into the game.

    They had shirts printed up: There is no I in Team, which the girls wore on game days. When my wife showed me the shirt I replied: There isn't an I in team; but there is an M and an E and that spells ME.

    She wasn't a fan for some reason.

  5. I bet she got over it ... right after she kicked your ass.

  6. Well I wouldn't really call it an ass kicking.
    There wasn't much kicking involved, except when I was kicking & screaming for my life.


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