Tuesday, April 26, 2005

WTW: Fun With No Clothes

White Trash WednesdaysYesterday, Basil went and told on himself about the first time he went to a strip club. Read it if you hadn't already.

Anyway, I had heard that story before, back around the time it happened. He told me about it, cause he had to spend a couple of nights over at the trailer, seeing as how the woman he was married to back then didn't particularly care for him being took to a place like that, and went and changed the locks on the place.

Me and Basil sat around talking about things, and I was sure impressed with his description of the place. He mentioned that it was loud, but not real loud. He also told about the big fellas that was acting as bouncers at the place. He said they was some big dudes. And they kept the folks there in line, throwing out some drunks.

And it all got me to thinking. I said we could open up a place like that and make a ton of money. But Basil wouldn't have none of it. But that was okay with me. I figured I could make the money and not have to split it with him.

But things don't always go like you plan. I did pick me up a double-wide for sale and moved it to just inside the city, because while it was a dry county, it was a wet city. And, once we got set up, we put in some special things to give it local atmosphere. Like a gas fireplace and some ceramic statues like they used to have on Wheel of Fortune. This place was going to be high class.

We put lots of time into setting it all up, nearly a full week. And on our opening night, we had all kind of games, and we topped it all off with a strip-twister contest. Twister has always been real big in my home town. So we made a big promotion out of the whole thing, and I thought it went well. But for some reason, no one showed up the next night. And when the bills came due, we had to shut it down.

That was a shame, because we coulda had a big thing going. Never could figure out why no one came back, particularly after all the noise the crowd made during the stip-twister contest. I even found a picture:

Cousin Red playing twister

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  1. lol! That is totally hot....though I can't figure out if the gold lame bra or the stain in the tighty whities is hotter.

  2. That's just..uh..that's a...oy...that just ain't kosher.

  3. Round the Reader - Wednesday, 27 April 2005

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  4. Is that a racing stripe? Oh my gosh, it is. I'm going to go be ill now...

  5. Ack! Hurk! but i know i've seen that photo before...ebaumsworld?

  6. All:
    Everybody should have learned by now whether or not you want to click "below the fold" on a post by Cousin Red. You got nobody to blame but yourselves.

  7. Why is that hand reaching out toward the tangle of bare hillbilly flesh?

  8. Tom:
    Who could resist? Certainly not that young lady.

  9. Cousin Red, momma's gonna be made you posted that picture of her playing silly games at yer club!

  10. Hah! That there looks like some sort of homo redneck cult initiation. If'n I ever did sees one.

  11. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")April 27, 2005 at 5:37 PM

    Oh no you did not!!! Racing stripes on the tightie whities! Even the guy by the fireplace is not interested in seeing that. What were you thinking??

  12. Again, you know to be wary when Cousin Red has the helm. If Aunt Gladys or Cousin Betty or someone dropped by, things might be safer.

  13. Lol, maybe they thought you guys were all too hot to handle!! Or maybe y'all was just too high class for the element!


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