Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Headline News: 4/27/2005

From AJC:
J.B. Stoner dies at age 81
Greeted at gates of Hell by Johnnie Cochran, Yassar Arafat, Julius & Ether Rosenberg, among others

From ABC News:
Kansas Board Taking Up Evolution Debate
Expected to continue to reject evolution until current board members are replace by Homo Sapiens

From ABC News:
Grasshopper Infestation Hits S.D. Ranchers
Greensboro baseball club's bus driver make a wrong turn

From ABC News:
Are You a Twinkie Lover? E-mail Us!
... since you're too fat to take your ass down to the mailbox

From ABC News:
David Beckham and Wife to Sue Ex-Nanny
Fran defends: "I was talking about Niles, not all Englishmen..."

From ABC News:
Elton Plans Civil Marriage with Long-Term Male Partner
Weight gain, sudden marriage leads to rumors he's pregnant

From ABC News:
Actress Says 'Desperate Housewives' Are Friends
Crew of TV show agrees ... if you remove the last 'R' from that sentence

From ABC News:
Senate Passes $81 Billion War Spending Bill
Now If They Can Just Come Up With The Other $219 Billion

From ABC News:
Democratic Challenger to DeLay Bows Out
Says DeLay doing fine job of getting kicked out of Congress all by himself

From CNN:
Albuquerque prepares for 300th birthday
Dick Clark, present at city's founding, will be keynote speaker at celebration

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