Friday, April 15, 2005

Headline News: 4/15/2005

From CNN:
Pop princess reveals worst-kept secret
Britney confirms: She's a nasty skank

From CNN:
Finding the roots of modern humans
Expect to find them right below the trees of modern humans

From CNN:
Sources: Dragnet grabs 10,000 fugitives
Adam-12 arrests 6,000

From WDSU:
Alligator pulled from canal
Embarrassed rescue workers were trying to rescue tourist

From KCCI:
Iowan upset over Rudolph plea agreement
Unaware Iowa doesn't have death penalty

From CNN:
Rumsfeld ups support for Pakistan
Tells India: "I've upped my support for Pakistan. Up yours."

From ABC News:
Great-Great-Grandmother Shoots Robber
She's Also A Great Great Shot

From ABC News:
Colorado Man Resuscitates Chicken
Today chicken gets CPR, tomorrow sold to KFC

From ABC News:
Teacher Resigns After Wearing Blackface
Ted Danson moonlights

From ABC News:
Comcast Internet Clients Having Problems
If you use Comcast and are unable to access the Internet, this story has important information for you!


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