Monday, April 25, 2005

Headline News: 4/25/2005

From ABC News:
Most Condoms in India Used to Make Saris
Large Demand For Saris That Are Ribbed For Her Pleasure

From ABC News:
Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System
Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth does it again

From ABC News:
Marijuana Party Launches Local Campaign
Campaign Slogan: Dude, Let's Remember To Vote This Time

From ABC News:
Grandmother Who Stopped Bobcat Shuns Media
Goldthwait also refuses to comment

From ABC News:
Wendy's Hopes Arrest Woos Back Customers
New ad campaign: "Try Our Chili, Now With Less Human Remains"

From ABC News:
Elian Gonzalez Thanks U.S., Cuba for Help
If he has to live in country with Godless society and crazy-left media, he'd just as soon it be his country of birth

From CNN:
Becks, Posh Ticked At Tab
No problem, however, with Diet Coke

From CNN:
Meteor shower sparks calls to police
Meteor told to keep curtains closed

From CNN:
E-mails 'hurt IQ more than pot'
Nigerian scams, penis enlargment drugs explained

From CNN:
Slain girl mourned at funeral
That's usually when it happens


  1. Monday

    The Idiom: You Had To See This One Coming Full of Crap: Further Evidence That Yassir Arafat Was an Evil Bastard Basil's Blof: Headline News Nose on Your Face: Set to Kick Off Soon Sean Gleeson: All About...

  2. this is why i always say that you are the Carson of headlines.

    i guess being Letterman is better than Kimmel...


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