Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Catfish Blogging

Yes, I fully expect that things will start dropping off any day now. I'm talking about links to this little blog. I appreciate all the folks that have been linking. But, I realize that few people care about a Class A baseball team in Columbus, Georgia.

But I do.

And I appreciate the other baseball fans that can understand my obsession with the sport. And with my local team,

The home stand ended on a good note for the Catfish. They took Wednesday's game 10-4. The bats came alive, plus they capitalized on some Charleston RiverDogs (Yankees) mistakes. It was nice to see the breaks go the locals' way for a change. Over the course of a season, it averages out.

After the loss Tuesday, it was going to be difficult on Wednesday. First of all, the game started at 11:00 AM. But they did that so students from several area elementary schools could attend and make it back to school in time for parents to pick them up. And several buses of students showed up. And they seemed to have a good time. It was great hearing all the kids cheering and stomping their feet and generally enjoying a baseball game.

Our group at work went to the game too. We have a half-day off-site session every six months. And things fell together for us to have it at the ballpark. It was great. Well, I thought so.

Dan didn't play today. He got a well-deserved rest, his first in 10 games. Luke was at shortstop and went 1-3 with 1 run and one RBI.

They took 2 of 3 from Charleston, one of the top teams in the division. And they felt pretty good about it. Also, since the game ended before 2:00 PM, they had nearly a half-day off as a team. That was the first such day for most of the players since the start spring training. They were looking forward to the small respite.

Thursday is the start of a 4-game series with Rome (Braves) at Rome. If they play like they've been playing, and if they get their share of breaks, they might make the next four days miserable for Rome.

I hope so.

One question to the baseball fans: How's your team doing?


  1. Baseball rocks. Keep it goin', bro.

  2. Like I said, basil - after McCain and Feingold get done regulating the internet, you'll still be able to blog about the local baseball team. And then It's A Pundit will become a giant baseball blog, quickly followed by Pirate's Cove selling Dodgers Thongs.

  3. hmmm....basil started blogging in the off season....things are starting to make sense now....

    i for one, will keep coming to this site for entertainment. for me, baseball is the best entertainment. funny headlines and witty filthy lies run a close second.

    and when baseball is over, all your links will come flocking back to your funny for another several months....but you know who the die-hard fans are, so i'm sure that you're not too worried.

    plus, you might find out that you have linked more baseball fans than you know....


  4. oh team isn't doing so well.

    but i don't care. they're my team, and i'll root for them even if they're worse than they were in '96.

  5. Jeff H:

    The Babaganoosh:
    Mmmmm. Dodger Thongs.

    Now that's what I call a baseball fan.

  6. I sure would like to see my West Michigan Witecaps whoop-ass on you catfish!

    Maybe we'll be luck and they'll meet up at some point in time then we can trash and slam each others teams (though i have no doubt my team would deep fry yours for lunch!)

    Also, It's a shame your Braves and My Tigers never compete against each other...would of been fun to get a little basebal war going eh?

  7. Bah. My local Charlotte Knights could whip your Catfish behinds! And the fact they're a AAA team and the Catfish are not is not important now. :)

  8. The Wizard:
    Ah, yes. The Grand Rapids Furnituremakers. Oh, sorry. That was a few years ago, wasn't it?

    The Midwest League. They play some pretty good baseball up there. And your team is class of the league. Plus you have the advantage of being farm club of your MLB club. My Catfish are Dodgers affiliate, but my MLB team, like you said, is the Braves.

    And, if the Tigers and Braves get it all together soon, maybe they'll end up meeting in October.

  9. Ogre:
    Ah, the Charlotte Knights. The future of the White Sox. Well, if you got to be affiliated with a team on the junior circuit, that's as good a one as any.

    And don't worry, I won't say a word about that 10-game losing streak. It is still just 10, right?

    Seriously, things ought to be turning around soon. Your pitcher hurled a good game last night, just didn't get any support. Toledo's been only so-so at home so far this year, so you might earn a split with them this series. Of course, then you've got the Braves coming to town, and that might spell bad news.

    Anyway, good luck against the Mud Hens!

  10. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")April 21, 2005 at 6:27 PM

    Loved the Catfish games Ash and I attended last season! She still talks about meeting Tommy Lasorda, and the picture of the two of them is in my office. You should see all the jealous teachers--especially as they come in to sign off on the tests the NCLB mandates that we give to see if our students are achieving--oops, wrong post...

  11. You've got to schedule a trip some time. Or, catch them when they are over in Savannah.

    And, we eagerly await the post on NCLB.


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