Monday, April 18, 2005

Headline News: 4/18/2005

From ABC News:
Black Smoke from Vatican Signals No Pope Chosen
U. S. Catholics must wait at least another day to find out whose pronouncements they will ignore

From ABC News:
Some Fear Loss of Women's Rights in Iraq
Especially those that forget they had no rights under Saddam

From ABC News:
Dog Rejected As Cash Drawing Winner
He'd just spend it all on his bitches

From ABC News:
'Mad Max' Fans Arrested for Re-creation
'Johnny The Boy' still looking for his foot

From ABC News:
How a New Pope Is Chosen
Eeny Meeny Miny Moe...

From ABC News:
Adobe Buys Macromedia in $3.4B Stock Deal
We are one step closer to the day when all overpriced, full-of-bugs, hard-to-use software all carries one brand name

From ABC News:
Einstein's Legacy Keeps on Expanding
Historians detect 'red shift' in history books

From ABC News:
Microsoft, Yahoo Join Blogging Craze
This day in history: Henry Ford, Ransom Olds join Horseless Carriage Craze

From ABC News:
Once Half-Ton Man Now Weighs 530 Pounds
Michael Moore does TrimSpa

From WRAL:
Durham Named Tree City USA


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    Basil's Blog: Headline News Scrappleface: Bolton Denies Boxer's Claim: 'I Am Not the Walrus' Sean Gleeson: USDA to Unveil Nutrition Frowny Face...

  2. Headlines for Tuesday

    I can't promise that this will be a daily feature. I do like headlines and admire the folks at basil's blog for consistantly providing headline fun.


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