Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Headline News: 4/12/2005

From ABC News:
Giant Thermometer Puts Calif. Town on Map
Rectal, California, hoping for big tourist season

From ABC News:
Teens Bust Limo Driver for Wild Prom Ride
Mr. Toad fired after one night on job

From ABC News:
Spammers Using Pope's Image to Defraud
Really stupid people think John Paul e-mailing them from Heaven

From ABC News:
N.Y. Legislators Kill Death Penalty Bill
Bin Laden to serve life sentence if tried, convicted in New York

From ABC News:
Cardinals First to File Past Pope's Tomb
Followed by Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox

From ABC News:
Cat Hunting Considered in Wisconsin
Many men expected to prowl for pussy

From ABC News:
Breast-Implant Maker Seeks End to FDA Ban
Fake breasts get much-needed support

From CNN:
NCAA could allow 12th games in '06
Auburn, 13-0 in 2004, delighted by news

From CNN:
Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting
Making, selling hall passes

From CNN:
Pentagon to use lasers to warn pilots
And photon torpedoes to really get their attention


  1. oh, basil, these all should go into the "best of basil" collection!

    isn't Rectal, California also called San Francisco?

    their baseball team sure took in the butt today.


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